Mac Duggal dresses for all this fall

Female fashion is taking a distinctly dual course for the Fall of 2013.

When it comes to high-glam dress trends, women of all ages have in mind exactly what they want. With the Fall 2013 Gown Season upon us, Mac Duggal is positioned to cater to those specific needs, with an abundance of gorgeous gowns and sharp styles geared to keep up with the latest trends and quench every woman’s thirst for first-rate fashions.

Autumn trends are heading in two noticeably different directions: Electric Youth, and Classic Elegance.

~Electric Youth~


In a mood of optimism, daring and with a little splash of sass, the young set has latched on to the bold colors of the neon class, wrapping themselves in the electricity of hot hues like those in the Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection and making them their own. Click on each photo to see the other dazzling colors available for these creative creations.

Jewel tones are not relegated to accessories for Fall 2013’s young ladies.

 64582N-Black-Silver 6098N-Emerald

These fabulous embellishments are prominently displayed from bodice to hemline, worn in effortless style by teen trendsetters.

~Classic Elegance~

By contrast, women who have left their adolescence behind have dropped the electric colors, in favor of the classic and sophisticated, gracing Fall’s special events with smartly stylish blacks, reds, browns and grays, like these gorgeous Mac Duggal Special Occasion Dresses.

78703R-Black-Nude-PC_0 70003R-Red-PC 78437D-Light-Mocha-PC_0 61329D-Platinum-PC

The trend for the refined woman is to expertly blend the daring and the demure with sheer illusion.

78439D-Deep-Purple-PC 85207D-Black-Multi-BK

These fashion-savvy women exhibit a “vintage-is-modern” sexy by way of martini and highball-era higher necklines, lower hemlines and elegant tone-on-tone beadwork.

85140N-Nude-Silve-PCMac Duggal is deftly ushering women of all trends and all ages into Fall 2013, having designed dresses with everyone in mind, keeping a keen eye on specific hot trends. Mac Duggal Fall 2013 offers a perfect something for everybody, having captured this moment of time and trend in exquisite dresses and gowns for every woman’s most special events.

With Mac Duggal as a partner, the ladies of the Fall 2013 Gown Season will shine on dance and ballroom floors in a splendor of on-trend detail and delight.

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