Who’s that girl?

Like the shimmering snowflakes that fall from the sky and blanket the tops of majestic mountains, no two women are exactly alike. And no one is more aware of the differences that make every woman wonderfully unique than Mac Duggal. For more than a quarter-century, Mac Duggal gowns have graced the silhouettes of some of the most dazzling who2 7245N-Purple-PCwomen across the globe. The Mac Duggal style is much like those snowflakes. Combined, the collections of trend-setting dresses are a work of art. Still, each individual gown is a masterpiece in its own right.

The secret to this spectacular styling? Knowing the women who don these elegant ensembles and make the look their own. The Mac Duggal Fall 2013 Collection is flush with upscale styles and festive frocks for the modern women of the world.

Who are the women of Mac Duggal? Click on each image to see more details of these fabulous dresses!

Dancing Queen

who3 64402Y-BLACK-n-WHITE-SILVER-PC_0Nothing expresses youthful energy and fervor like the sassy, glam styles of the dresses in the Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection. Whether short, sparkling and playful or the longer, regal styles fit for a Homecoming Queen, the dresses of the Homecoming and Royalty lines are the perfect duds for the Mac Duggal teen.

Uptown Girl

who 5 3754D-Nude-PCwho 7 3855T-Nude-Silvercouture 80220D-Charcoal-PCwho 4 61041R-Black-Nude-BK

Drenched in exquisite detailing and high class exclusivity, the gowns and dresses of the Mac Duggal Special Occasion Line are designed for the modern elite woman. Whether a glamorous gown from the Black White Red, Couture, or Twelve collections, these dresses are a perfect fit for A-List events, from Red Carpet Affairs to a Regal Gala and everything in between.

My Girl

who 9 48004S-White-Turquoise who 8 43041S-Hot-Pink-PC

Every little girls dreams of being a princess. Make her Cinderella dreams come true with a spunky pageant style gown from the Sugar Collection.These colorful and frilly styles for little ladies have been worn by young pageant winners at the local, state and national level.

Daddy’s Little Girl

who 10 Barcelona-PC

who 10 Milano-PCShe’s dreamed of this day since she was a little girl. Now complete the magical fantasy with an awe-inspiring wedding gown exclusively from Mac Duggal. The Mac Duggal Bride celebrates her special day cloaked in a hand crafted masterpiece, rich with textures, embellishments, soft flowing fabrics and gorgeous overlays. Dressed in a luxurious Mac Duggal wedding gown is the stylish way to have a spectacular “I do.” Each dress is named for an exotic city which was the inspiration for the fantasy designs and regal detailing. The pictures of a beautiful bride in a Mac Duggal bridal gown will shine in your wedding day album.

She’s a Lady

who 13 6480H-Purple-PCplus 4957H-Purple-PCThe annual spring rite of passage is long past the days of boys and girls in the high school gymnasium. The modern prom has been transformed into a brilliant ball, as teenage girls evolve into charming young women. A gown from one of the prom dress collections, including Mac Duggal Prom, Ball Gowns, Flash, Cassandra Stone, and Edge, is just what this young miss needs to make her transformation complete. From the limo to the dance floor to a goodnight kiss under the stars, these dresses and ballgowns are the perfect attire for a night to remember.

Pretty Woman

who 17 42968F-Purpleplus 64400R-Cherry-PC

Sexy curves are often the envy of women around the land, and for the voluptuous vixen, there’s no better way to flatter your figure than a stunning dress from the plus size line. The Mac Duggal Cassandra Stone II and Fabulouss Collections are the perfect way to complement the beautiful silhouette of the buxom diva. Plus size creations are also available in the Homecoming and Special Occasion collections.

Mac Duggal knows that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and all women are stunning when decked out in Mac Duggal designer garments.

So, what’s your Mac Duggal style?

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