‘The Voice’ champ Danielle Bradbery achieves celebrity style clad in a graceful Mac Duggal dress

Danielle Bradbery has The Voice, and Mac Duggal has The Look.

With more than 12-million viewers tuning in from home, the competitors of NBC’s The Voice took to the stage for one last time on June 18. After two hours of rousing performances and a behind-the-scenes peek at the hit NBC show, the final winner was named, with Mac Duggal playing a prominent role in the evening of glitz and glamour.


Photo credit: NBC

Danielle Bradbery, the 16-year-old phenom who is the show’s youngest contestant to date, was crowned the Season 4 champ. The teen accepted her award wearing an exquisite Mac Duggal belted mermaid ball gown, style number 61195. The dazzling embellishments and gorgeous fabric caught the lights of the stage and sparkled with the festive confetti that fell as her name was called. Danielle’s consistent on-key performances and humble beginnings made her a fan favorite all season. Her transformation during Season 4 was a true Cinderella story, as she grew from a teenager who only sings in front of the mirror into a true musical star, complete with the elegant styling of a fabulous, full length Mac Duggal gown.

Mac Duggal designs embody the very nature of The Voice: A combination of festive creativity and dazzling opulence that define the up-and-coming superstars of the next generation. The Mac Duggal design worn by Danielle melds together fantasy and elegance, characteristics reflected by the artistic, daring and youthful spirit of all the show’s contestants.

The Voice combines top notch entertainment with white knuckle competition, while giving the Average Joe the opportunity to help discover the Next Big Thing. And what better way to prove you’re ready for life on the red carpet than to don a Mac Duggal gown. Each gown is created with precision attention to detail, combining luxurious fabrics with elegant embellishments and rich details to shine on stage, the red carpet, at prom, or at any social event.

For those who make it on The Voice, it’s the culmination of a lifelong dream to bring music to others. The allure of The Voice is the fantasy of being discovered in a big way. Thousands vie for that chance each year, with only a few making it to the big stage.

Now that Danielle Bradbery has shown she has the vocal chops, she needs to complete the transition from sweet-faced teen to celebrity big wig with the right look. The sexy and ritzy styling that shows up on television, movies, and in the pages of the fashion industry’s most distinguished magazines is exemplified in Mac Duggal designs.


Cassadee sang her debut release “Wasting all these Tears” in style 85059D from the Mac Duggal Couture Collection.

Mac Duggal designs were already a part of the exquisite backdrop for the stars of The Voice. On June 4, Season 3 Winner Cassadee Pope returned to the stage where she was discovered and gave a memorable performance of her debut single wearing a stunning Mac Duggal sequined cocktail dress.

For the winner, carrying on that signature celebrity look is a must. As winner, Danielle receives $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Republic Records, and a polished look is a must for her new role in the music industry.

For 25 years, Mac Duggal has played an important role in helping to cultivate the look of the A-Lister, and the prominent role of Mac Duggal on this overwhelmingly popular hit show is proof that these designs are where you should turn to capture that superstar look.

Capture YOUR signature look with Mac Duggal. Find your style with at the official Mac Duggal website.

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