The red dress is having a moment right now. A classic red dress makes a statement. It says confidence and elegance all in one simple swish of the skirt. But for a lot of young girls, it’s often a daunting task to take on for your first prom dress.

Choosing the perfect red dress is a lot like choosing the right shade of red lipstick. All are gorgeous, all make an undeniable statement. But we all end up asking ourselves the same question, “Is this the right shade for me?”

Because, let’s be honest, nobody wants to be compared to a human cherry or a walking red ball when you enter your prom. That’s why, if you want a red dress, it is so important to know which reds are right for your skin tone.

The fear of looking too washed out or too gaudy is a real concern. But for most of us, we don’t even know where to begin. And, indeed, not all reds are created equal. Although it may take some time to decide the right prom dress style for your big night, there should be no doubt that you will find that perfect red color that matches your skin tone.

With a huge selection of red dresses, we’ve made it easy for you to quickly spot which red is the right choice for you.

Match Your Red Dress to Your Skin Tone


Porcelain skin tones, a lighter skin tone with cool undertones, looks the best with cool reds. Dresses with hints of a light pink or cheery red color, will really bring out the natural coolness of your skin tones. The dress below is a “lipstick red” color and features those cool colors. However, you can go ultra daring with a warm red color.



This lighter skin tone still has cool undertones but it is somewhat less noticeable. To really bring that out, continue with that cool red color to compliment the subtle hints of coolness. However, you can still be ultra bold with a darker red color. Bold red colors will compliment the soft red color in your cheeks. Avoid an orange-tinted red gown.



This skin tone features a yellow undertone with subtleties of a cooler colors. It looks the best with a warm red color to heighten the warmth of your skin tone. However, you can still wear a cool red color.



Without a doubt, olive skin tones look the best with warm reds. The green undertones in this skin tone is really brought out with the warmth of a red dress.



Although warm reds are totally wearable for a caramel tone, the best color dresses that will really pop are the dark reds and plum colors. This will perfectly compliment those golden undertones to add a more glowing look. If you have darker eyes, it will also totally bring those out for a perfect prom photo.



It’s time to go deep red with purplish hues if you have a natural almond skin tone. Going with a deep cool color of red will totally make you pop in front of the camera! A deep red color dress will also bring out your smile in a truly fabulous way.


Will you be wearing red for Prom 2014?


Tell us what you think!

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