Counterfeit Prom Dress Gave Me A Rash

This is a post written by Mac Duggal social media manager, Nicole Schultz, recounting her experience purchasing a Counterfeit Prom Dress.

On Tuesday afternoon I experienced a very real situation that thousands of young prom-going girls will suffer this season.  Counterfeit Prom Dresses not only leave girls disappointed with poorly fitting dresses, but can also lead to a health risk.

If this blog post deters even one girl from buying a counterfeit prom dress, I’ll have done my job. But if you have already purchased a counterfeit prom dress, be prepared for the very worst. Because I certainly wasn’t.

Buying the Dress

Every girl dreams of buying that perfect prom dress. I know the feeling. You want to find that perfect dress that will make your parents smile as you walk down the stairs. You want that wow moment where your date turns to you and says, “You look beautiful.” You want every girl to compliment your amazing style as you dance the night away

Now I’m well past my prom-going days, but we decided at Mac Duggal to purchase a few counterfeit dresses online that were being sold as Mac Duggal originals.

Modern Bridals Dress 3434T is a counterfeit copy of Mac Duggal Style 3434.

Modern Bridals Dress 3434T is a counterfeit copy of Mac Duggal Style 3434.

We purchased the counterfeit copy of the original Mac Duggal Style 3434 from counterfeit online store called Modern Bridals. This online dress store is associated with a group called “Prom Dress on Sale.” These so called stores, and many more, sell counterfeit dresses. They all have the same header, they all follow that same format.

As you can see from the photo above, there are a few key signs that should tip you off that this particular page is a counterfeiter. First is the deeply discounted price. If the price seems too good to be true, then it is. The second thing that you should notice is the color option. Mac Duggal offers this dress in only THREE colors: Gold, Crystal Black, and Purple. It’s not by some miracle that some other store offers it in 35+ colors.

When you see a dress in so many colors, run for the hills! It’s the number one sign that you are dealing with a counterfeiter.

Now, on our Mac Duggal website we offer this dress in the color “gold.” Which is why I selected and wrote Gold US Size 4.

Specifically asking for US Size 4 in the Gold Color.

Specifically asking for US Size 4 in the Gold Color.

After placing my order, I was taken to a Chinese website to reconfirm and put in my credit card information. Now, if this doesn’t scare people off from purchasing their dress, then I don’t know what will!


The page bounced a few times and wouldn’t load, but finally I had made it in. I placed my order and then received an alert from my bank. I had to explain to the banking official that I was knowingly about to purchase a counterfeit dress from a Chinese website in the name of research. I’m sure they thought I was crazy!

After going through that grueling experience of buying a counterfeit dress, I then received a very “official” looking confirmation email from a woman named “Coco.” I’m told that the name “Coco” is typical for the online group of counterfeiters. This was the email I received.

No graphics, no official name from "Modern Bridals." Just you and this "Coco" person.

No graphics, no official name from “Modern Bridals.” Just you and this “Coco” person.

I was then asked a series of questions: size, color, and when I would need the dress. I specified that I wanted the exact color from the image on their website and that I wanted it in a size 4. Based upon ordering this dress on December 11th, 2013, I was informed that it would take 25 days to have it delivered.

Getting the Dress

Needless to say, it wasn’t here on time. I received the dress more than a month later on January 13th, 2014, after it had been delivered to the wrong location. Apparently we should have reconfirmed the address a few times.

So, after months of researching the counterfeit prom dress market and hearing numerous stories from young girls who have been tricked by Mac Duggal counterfeiters, THIS was the moment of truth.

I didn’t receive Mac Duggal Style 3434. I received a gold counterfeit dress that looked slightly like the original.

The Mac Duggal Counterfeit Dress from Modern Bridals.

The Mac Duggal Counterfeit Dress from Modern Bridals.

Although I would have liked to show you the dress on the size four mannequin, it didn’t fit. The dress wouldn’t even zip up along the side. The sequins were tiny and sharp! The dress wasn’t even fully sequined. . . they embellished the dress with cheap, plastic stones for the vine pattern along the bust. In comparison, the Mac Duggal dress is completely sequined. The worst part was the length and the hips. The material around the hips bunched together for a totally unflattering look. The length of this dress didn’t match ours at all. There was barely a train and it constantly stuck to the ground because the sequins caught on everything!

Trying the Dress On

To be honest with the reader, I did not want to try this thing on! I knew it wasn’t going to fit and that it was going to be a hassle to get on and off. But, that should have been the last of my worries.

But, in the name of research, I knew that I had to wear it. When I tried the dress on it immediately became a game of maneuvering my body around the stiff material and sharp sequins. By the time I had the dress around my head, my arms were scratched and cut. Although it didn’t fit me and I couldn’t zip up the dress, I decided to walk around to see how it felt.

As I suspected, the worst part was around the hips. It was so tight! And after ten minutes of being in this dress, I had to take it off. Right as I was doing so, I felt a warmth and an itch along my arms. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but my arms were covered in hives. Talk about a bad prom!

This was the final result:

A comparison of Mac Duggal Style 3434 and its Counterfeit Copy from Modern Bridals.

A comparison of Mac Duggal Style 3434 and its Counterfeit Copy from Modern Bridals.

Without a doubt, these dresses are different. The color, the size, the cut, the sequins, the embellishments. Everything that could go wrong with this counterfeit dress did!

And there is nothing we can do about it. No returns, no store credit. Nobody would take responsibility for this health risk of a dress. When you buy a counterfeit prom dress, nobody is going to help you fix it. You’ll have to buy a new dress that does.

But you can stop the counterfeiters in their tracks if you quit buying their gowns! Stop your friends. Stop your younger sisters. Stop anyone from buying a counterfeit prom dress.

It could be the difference between going to prom and missing one of the most important nights of your life.


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4 thoughts on “Counterfeit Prom Dress Gave Me A Rash

    • Affordable….at 300 to over a grand depending on the dress? It’s not affordable, but I’m talking about people like my mother who don’t care about brands and just saw a dress on a website and thought it looked good and decided to buy and got a horrible dress. She didn’t know. Honestly she’s not computer literate enough to know what a scam looks like and what a honest/reputable site looks like. And the website she went to doesn’t even mention mac duggal. It makes it out as if they hand-made all those dresses. You can get great gowns at cheaper stores for 20 bucks. My mother has in fact made a pollera (those can be worth thousands in panama)…all handmade! But she doesn’t want to make a dress. Of course not. The problem is also those other websites people go to that make no mention of mac duggal or designs and just three colors on their websites and pretend they’re the legit source and don’t even mention anything about China or where it’s being sent from and made. My mother had no idea. She thought it was just any other dress for a steeper price at any other online store. We consider anything over 50 damn near expensive, but she can’t go to the ball wearing just anything she wants! And the tickets for the ball are just as pricy.

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