Black is the New Black

Mary Kate and Ashley wear it. Johnny Cash swore by it. And so many women head straight to the color black as their go to fashion. Any why not? With so many people swearing by the everlasting color of black, it’s no surprise that Black Prom Dresses are the current trend.

The interest in black prom dresses increased dramatically in 2014, according to our Mac Duggal Web Views and Sales. During the previous year, red was far and away the most popular color. There were twice as many views of red prom dress last year as there were of black ones. In 2013, there were 50,886 views of red prom dress and only 20,836 views of black prom dress. This year though, black caught up with red as the most popular color. The web view results of 2014 showed that there were 70,647 views of red prom dresses and 70,397 views for black prom dresses. The number of shoppers looking at black prom dresses doubled this year and was essentially equal to that of red. And sales increased in line with this increase in interest. Our best selling prom dress, as well as 3 out of our top ten, were black prom dresses.

Does that suggest that black may be the top selling prom dress color in 2014-2015? Well, we will have to wait and see, but if this year’s upward trend continues into next year, it is well within the realm of possibilities.

From head-to-toe black is the easiest, chicest way to look runway ready. . . and it’s actually cool to wear. The little black dress has been making a style statement for years, but now black prom dresses are starting to make a serious mark on the way we look at prom.

Why We Love Black Prom Dresses. . .

It Flatters Every Skin Tone & Figure Friendly.

Mac Duggal Style 82019M - Black Prom Dress

Mac Duggal Style 82019M will flatter every skin tone and gives you that fabulous hourglass silhouette.


You Can Go Wild With Accessories.

Mac Duggal Style 48134R - Black Prom Dress

You can dress this fabulous high-low black prom dress up with a variety of accessories.


It works for every season.

Mac Duggal Style 1903M - Black Prom Dress

Spring, summer, fall, and winter, Mac Duggal Style 1903M is perfect for every season’s special occasion.


It always looks dressed up.

Mac Duggal Style 64632M - Black Prom Dress

Although simply embellished along the neckline, Mac Duggal Style 64632M is a beautiful dress that will dress up every moment.


It never goes out of style.

Mac Duggal Style 82066M - Black Prom Dress

From the highly embellished lace neckline to the taffeta long skirt, Mac Duggal Style 82066M is sure to last throughout the years.


So what do you think? Will black prom dresses be the next big trend of Prom 2015?

Mac Duggal

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