Say It With Color – Homecoming Dress Edition

The last warm nights of summer are escaping us but fall is rapidly approaching, which means one thing – homecoming season! Homecoming affords girls the chahttp://nce to experiment with their formal look, take fashion risks, and let their dress be an expression of themselves. And what better ways to express yourself than through the hue of your dress? However, what you don’t know about your favorite color is that it has the ability to deliver a subconscious message to everyone around you. Color connotations are vastly cultural and not globally synonymous – for example in Western countries brides wear white to symbolize their purity, but in Asian countries white symbolizes death! Say it with color, but make sure you say it right. Here’s a guide to help you through your selection process.


Mac Duggal Style 82226N

Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection: Style 82226N

Red has invariably been the color of passion, as it associated with both love and hate. Wearing a bold hue like red alludes confidence, and is classic and sexy. The color red not only accentuates your attractiveness, but attracts others toward you. Standing out is never a problem in red, but make sure you are a ready to work it with a fierce attitude. 


Mac Duggal Style 64893N

Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection Style 64893N

The color orange is often associated with leadership and social communication. It is also a youthful hue, so wear it if you want to engage groups of people with your awe-inspiring interpersonal skills. Orange you glad you wore this color?


Mac Duggal Style 64678M

Mac Duggal Cassandra Stone Collection Style 64678M

Yellow is a cheerful color, but it also is associated with intellect and the mind. Yellow is whimsical and lively – perfect if you plan on hitting the dance floor all night. The sunshine color gives off an optimistic vibe that will let people know you are the life of the party! Bring the fun in a punchy yellow silhouette. 


Mac Duggal Style 48034N

Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection Style 48034N

Green is the color of nature, so its no surprise that green is associated with balance, growth, and serenity. Because green is a color with heavy roots in nature, it symbolizes new beginnings. Green appears soothing and refreshing, so if you are looking to change it up with your style, green is the perfect color for fresh starts. Debut the new you in this shade and you’ll have everyone else green with envy!  


Mac Duggal Style 3812N

Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection Style 3812N

Ever notice why cops and other authoritative figures wear blue? Probably because it represents power. Blue is associated with success – think “blue ribbon”. Let blue take the first prize at your formal event and rock this color to remind everyone of your hard working mentality. 


Mac Duggal Style 61439N

Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection Style 61439N

In ancient Greece, purple dye was a luxury reserved for the royalty and ultra-wealthy. Show off your lavish tastes in a regal purple hue – and truly become royalty for a night. Purple is also a creative color. Unleash your free spirit in purple and fuel the artistic mind. Purple is associated with imagination, so wear purple as a nod to your artsy side. 


Mac Duggal Style 81928N

Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection Style 81928N

Pretty in pink! Pink is the color of nurturing and unconditional love – hence why it is often associated with femininity. If you’re crushing on your date, choose pink to make your affections clear without having to say word. Play up your flirtatious side with this girly hue!


Mac Duggal Style 64957N

Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection Style 64957N

White is not reserved for weddings! Rock white in a non-martial way by wearing a shorter dress or a trendier long gown. White has historically been the color of purity and completion in our Western culture – wearing white conveys simplicity and decisiveness. Others will perceive the fresh white as a reflection of the balance in your life – not to mention it brings out the post-summer tan of your complexion!


Mac Duggal Style 64920N

Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection Style 64920N

There’s a reason the LBD is a wardrobe staple. Black gives off an air of mystery while still asserting your independence and disciplined mind. Considered to be timeless, black will show off your classic taste a la Audrey Hepburn in a black garment that is sure to impress.

There is a time and place for every shade and hue, so let yourself step out of your comfort zone and step into a uniquely colored dress that makes a statement. In the words of Rachel Zoe, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Wear the rainbow and you might just find your pot of gold.

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