Two Piece Prom Dresses

By Harleigh Hearts

One of the hottest trends for prom 2016 is the 2 piece prom dress. Some people call it a crop top dress, and some call it the 2 piece. The best part about crop top dresses are how fun and flirty they are. They scream youthful and fresh, and you can either have a more modest version, or you can show a little more skin. The 2 piece dress is also versatile, the tops can be used for an after party, with jeans or shorts, as well as on a day to day basis. Girls will wear the top to music festivals, dinner dates, or anywhere else they wanna look fabulous.

30271M WhiteMulti-PC

Style 30271M

The two piece dress has many options for both the tops and bottoms. Some 2 piece dresses have a high waisted skirt, and a shorter top, or maybe the point is to show more skin, with a lower waist and higher top. Any way you want to rock the 2 piece there is a style for you. If your school is strict about styles and cuts, there are still options for you!

Style 30271M is super trendy, with a floral print on the bottom in a taffeta material. The print is bright and draws all eyes. The skirt is complemented with stoning around the neckline. This dress is made a little more modest with the skirts high waistline. Florals are also on trend for the prom 2016 season and this gives you 2 of the hottest styles combined. 


The pastel yellow color of Style 62340M is sweet and innocent, but the two piece says you’re sassy too.

62340M Lemon-PC

Style 62340M

The bodice is heavily beaded with grecian style neckline. This mermaid style shows off your curves in all the right places and takes this sweet color and makes it fierce. The gap between the top and skirt is very small, so if your school is strict this dress is perfect for you. If you aren’t comfortable enough to show off your torso, this dress has you covered! (Literally)


Style 48359M

Style 48359M

A blue hue in the above dress evokes the feeling of trustworthiness, kindness and is universally liked by men and women.  If you are going with a date you don’t know that well or going with someone you trust with your deepest secrets, blue is a safe choice for your prom dress. This 2 piece dress is safe, but not too safe! The top is nude with stones to match the skirt, making the skirt the main focus of this dress.

Style 62346M

Style 62346M

This blush dress will have you blushing when all the boys attention is on you. The mermaid skirt on Style 62346M flares out, and looks amazing with the top. The top is embellished with stones and sequins that reflect the light stunningly. The strapless sweetheart neckline is effortlessly graceful and makes for a very sultry look.

Style 20033M

Style 20033M

The tulle skirt on this Cinderella inspired dress will have everybody in awe at the princess in the room-YOU! With capped sleeves and embellished bodice, you will dance the night away. I love that this 2 piece dress is different than most others. It covers most of your torso and is good for those schools with stricter dress codes! This stunner will shimmer on your prom night!

Style 61848M

Style 61848M

This unique high collar 2 piece dress is fantastic. I love the lace details, and the deep purple color. The lace shimmers and shines, with the lace peeking over the nude underlay on the top. The skirt flows into a sweeping train, which is sure to keep all the attention on you.

The two piece dress is the dress of the season and there is a style or color to suit everyone’s taste. You can use the top to serve multiple purposes including on the night of your dreams. If you want to be fashion forward this season, choose a Mac Duggal 2 piece prom dress!

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