by Harleigh Hearts

Spring is almost here which means it’s time to start looking for proms dresses! If you are anything like me, you have dreamed about this day since your freshman year of high school. Dreaming of who would ask you, how glamorous you would feel with your hair, nails and make-up done, and of course, the dress. If you are torn between a gown, jumpsuit or two-piece one thing is for sure, a little sparkle is always the right option and here’s ten reasons you should choose an embellished prom piece!

82517M Black-BK

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Prom only happens once! For most of us, the nights of formal dress up end (or at least slow down) after prom. The next time we’ll have the chance to get all dressed up will be our wedding day. So now is the chance to choose something out of your comfort zone.

4378M Black

Your chance to stand out! I have spent my high school years in a boring uniform of khaki pants, gym shoes and a polo; prom is a way to show your classmates a different side of you. Your prom should be a magical night and nothing says magical more than beading that glimmers so standout with a show-stopping gown!

4318A Midnight-PC

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Shimmer equals Slimmer! Embellishments are similar to black in the ability to create a slimming effect. For example, to camouflage your mid section choose a dress with an embellished belt to create a slimming illusion. We all know how contouring with makeup works so use the same principles in contouring your body!

10074M Mint-PC

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Feel confident! There is an indescribable feeling when slipping on an embellished gown. It is like slipping on confidence.

62248M Royal-PC

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Accessorizing will be a breeze! When your prom dress is filled with embellished sections or a full sequined dress you will want to go with simpler accessories. Choosing a simple stud and neutral clutch that may even be already in your closet.

82517M IvoryGold-PC

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Photo ready! Lighting can be a major component for taking great photos. Most photo shoots are done outside but that is dependent on weather, location and time of day. However, when you choose an embellished dress your dress will look good in photos no matter what the backdrop is. A simple hue can get lost in certain backdrops or look dull in certain lighting that will not be a problem with an embellished dress.

50296A Black-PC

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All around bombshell! If you are looking for prom to be your chance to go glam with hair, make-up and nails, an embellished dress will help compliment the look. Although, minimal hair and make-up would also go with an embellished dress, if you are dreaming of a bold red lip or messy up-do, the daring look will be well matched with a standout dress.

4322A DeepPurple-PC

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Shine on dance floor! One of the best parts of prom is dancing! In an embellished dress all eyes will be on you. Let the light hit each bead and gem and and you will be twinkling like a beautiful star while you dance the night away.  Remember, bling is NEVER boring.

4265M BottleGreen-PC

Look taller! Embellished dresses help to elongate the silhouette by creating continuing lines unlike bold color blocked prints. If you are on the shorter side, or just want a few more inches after heels, choose a high neck embellished dress for optimum length.

65409 BlackMulti-PC

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Accentuate your best features! Embellishments help to draw attention to your best areas. If you have a small waist, choose embellishments that are at your midsection, if you are pear shaped, choose embellishments at the neckline and sleeves.


No matter which Mac Duggal dress you choose this prom season you will certainly feel beautiful. In an embellished Mac Duggal prom dress, YOU WILL SHINE!

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