7 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Prom Dress

You found your perfect prom dress, went to prom and had the time of your life. Now what? Throw the dress away or store it in a large garment bag in the back of your closet? After you’ve spent so much time looking for the perfect dress and making an investment, it is beneficial for you to get the most use out of your dress. Many girls choose to donate their dress or hand it down to a friend or sibling. If keeping your dress is important to you consider repurposing or reusing your dress! Here are 7 creative ways to reuse your prom dress and get the most use out of the dress you love:

1.     Alter into a shorter dress: Not all dresses can be altered into a shorter dress. For a dress that can be altered into a cocktail dress look for a-line silhouettes. 62720-ivory-nude-pc

2.     Create a top: If you find a dress with a fabulous top, why not detach the bottom and create a whole new look? If you aren’t the best at sewing take the dress and your design to a cleaner or seamstress and have a professional do it. If you choose a crop top or two-piece prom dress simply use the top and pair with a skirt or pair of jeans. For this look it’s best to use an obvious top and bottom combination. Meaning, a dress that has a true waist. A fit and flare or empire waist dress works best or a two piece!

20062-lipstick-pcSTYLE 20062M
3.     Create a skirt: Choose a prom dress with an obvious bottom. Just as with a top, do not steer away from this option even if you are new to sewing. Ask an expert to help.
4.     Alter into a more sophisticated dress: If you want to repurpose your prom dress into a more sophisticated look for your post high school days, consider removing some of the heavy embellishments. Sleeveless dresses can be turned into sleeved dresses with some extra material pulled from the lining. Also, a plunging v-neck or high-slit can be sewn up an inch or two to make it appropriate for weddings, formals, etc.
5.     Repurpose the material: If your dress was beautiful, but there’s no way to refashioned it, keep the material and repurpose the fabric for pillows, blankets, tote bag, etc.


STYLE 30451M

6.     Change the exterior: If your dress is light or single hued, try repurposing by changing the color with dyes or tulle overlay. You can also change the exterior by adding belts, jewels, beads, etc.

7.     Halloween costume or sorority party: Themed parties do not stop after high school. Whether it’s a sorority toga party when you’re 20 or a Halloween party when you’re 30, a prom dress can be repurposed into a costume or themed party dress.


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