Prom Drama (Prama)

by Harleigh Hearts

PRAMA and how to deal with it

stay-calm-promWhat is PRAMA you ask? Simply put, Prom Drama. It happens every year in every school when prom season arrives. Let’s take a look at some of most common prom issues that cause Prama:

1. PROM DRESS REVEAL STEALERS-You have found your perfect Mac Duggal Prom dress and you are so excited, so you decide to show it to a few of your closest friends. You don’t mind if they take a few pictures because you know you can trust them. After all they have been there for you all throughout high school, in the good times, like when you finally got a grip on algebra and aced your first test and the bad times, like when Pete dumped you a week before homecoming. (ok, I still am not great at algebra and no his name wasn’t really Pete, but you get the idea) Somehow, someone gets a hold of your trusted BFF’s phone and sends your prom dress picture to everyone on their snapchat list and in every text group they are in. If this happens to you, even though you are disappointed, just remember, you will still look beautiful at prom, even without your “reveal,” moment. Nothing and no one can take that from you, so hold your head up high. Look at the positive, you might have just dodged a bullet if someone else had considered buying the same dress. Now, they can’t possibly wear your dress because it will look like they are a copykitty-which leads to PRAMA number 2….

2. DUPLICATE DRESS-So you walk into prom feeling like a princess only to look over and see that another girl is wearing the same dress as you. Oh, the negative feelz that can cause. But all is not lost, instead of spending the whole night trying to avoid bumping into your dress twin, I say, embrace it! There is nothing you can do about it. It’s not like you are going to run home and change and you love your prom dress otherwise you would not have chosen it. It just means another girl has the same great taste as you so have some fun with it. Walk over, take some us-ies and post them with a cute caption.

3. PGD (aka PROM GROUP DRAMA)-Prom groups getting together before prom to take pictures is a tradition. You are feeling great thinking you have your prom group squarely in place only to find out that suddenly there is no room for you in the group. The best way to avoid this is to start your own group, meaning offer to meet at your house and take pictures. If that is not an option, you can always meet at a park or outdoor place. Personally speaking, I like outdoor prom pictures better anyway. If you didn’t make your own group and suddenly find yourself groupless, ask your date to ask his friends and join a different group. If all else fails and you end up just being you and your date, look at it as chance to celebrate together. It’s not the end of the world to just go with your date alone to the dance, I mean after all isn’t the definition of a date two people?

4. DUMPED BEFORE THE DANCE-Yes, it happens, people break up before prom. The first thing is to realize you are not alone. If you find yourself dateless for prom, there are a few things you can do. Try asking someone else to go. Just get out your cellphone, scroll through and find a friend that you feel comfortable with, even if they go to a different school. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that or can’t think of anyone to go with, then go single. Trust me, there are people that go to prom without a date. Don’t be all dressed up with no place to go and don’t let the person who broke up with you make you stay home. I say be single and ready to mingle and show that person what they lost!

Finally, lessen the drama by leaving them speechless at prom with a gorgeous Mac Duggal dress.

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