The pros and cons of wearing the same prom dress as your bestie!

One of the hottest trends for prom this year is for two besties to walk into prom wearing the same dress in different colors. Picking the exact same dress in the different tones for prom can produce a stunning look.



However, there are pros and cons to rocking the same dress as your bestie and here are just a few:


Color choice: If you LOVE a dress that comes in multiple colors, it’s hard to pick just one. So you and your bestie can each choose a color to rock and maybe even swap dresses afterward (see next “pro”)


The dress swap: Girls often fall in love with the dress they wear to prom but find it hard to reuse or recycle the dress. Although there are many ways to reuse your dress, (See Creative Ways to Reuse Your Prom Dress) an alternate solution would be to swap with your bestie after prom. That way you can rock the dress you love again but with a new feel because of the different shade.

It’s fun: Instead of dreading someone walking into prom with the same dress as you, embrace the twinning moment. Walk in side by side with your bestie in the same cute dress and have some fun with it!


It’s a Great Conversation Starter: You will get lots of comments from friends on wearing the same dress as your bestie. And it offers a good opening for someone to start a conversation with you.



Spotlight moment: Prom is a chance to have all eyes on you. If you and your bestie rock the same dress there’s a chance that you will have fewer spotlight moments. Even if your dress is stunning, your bestie will most likely be by your side much of the night, looking great in that same dress and drawing attention away from you.

Pictures: Seeing two of the same dresses in photos can make or break a photo. If it’s just you and your bestie, the pictures will come out cute and fun! And it becomes an non-issue for any photos that you aren’t both in together. However, in a large group, if two girls wear the same dress there is the potential for the look to be distracting, particularly if you are next to each other.


Wearing the same dress as your bestie is a fun way to share a special moment with a true bff. Wearing a Mac Duggal dress will give both of you a big boost in confidence!

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