Yellow Prom Dresses

Nothing says springtime like a bright colored dress! It’s time to shake off the winter layers and brighten up your wardrobe with stunning colors! Mac Duggal yellow prom dresses can’t help but make people smile. Pair it with flowers, lace or other flirty embellishments for complete perfection! Here are 6 reasons you should rock a yellow prom dress (as if you really need reasons)

10022M Lemon-PC

After a long dark and cold winter filled with blacks, grey and other dark hues it is time to brighten it up. One way to do this is with a yellow dress. Want to make it even brighter? Choose a dress that has extra built in sparkle with beads or embellishments.

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Yellow is a color that works with almost every skin type. Whether you are fair skin and blonde or dark skin and brunette, yellow is a flattering color for most girls.

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Wearing yellow helps you stand out in a crowd or pictures. Most girls will opt for black, blue or red prom dresses (see red prom dresses) but choosing yellow will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Pairing jewelry with a yellow dress is a breeze. Yellow is so bright, you can choose to steer clear of too much color in your accessories. Go with a basic diamond or crystal stud or chandelier earring (which you probably already have in your jewelry box).

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You can’t keep from smiling and being in a great mood when you are rocking a brightly colored prom dress like a bright yellow. Studies have shown that exposure to certain colors can have a positive or negative effect on your mood. Bright colors like yellows, pink or aqua creates positivity and happiness.

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You are going to be wearing formal or special occasion dresses for the rest of your life. Whether you attend formals, weddings, charity events, etc. dress choices will start to become more formal as you get older. Prom offers a great opportunity to play dress up and have fun with it! This is likely to be the most fun night you will ever have shining in a bright yellow dress!


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