PromNosal – How to Say No to a Promposal

by Harleigh Hearts

You have likely heard about promposals, but in case you haven’t, a promposal is the term used to describe a unique way to ask a girl (or guy) to prom.  But what about the promNOsal?  It happens every year to girls and sometimes guys when prom season rolls around.

A promNosal is the awkward situation when someone asks a person to prom and they get turned down.  It’s not easy to say who it’s harder for, the person who says no or the person who gets turned down.  It takes a lot of courage and sometimes a lot of effort for a guy to ask a girl to prom, so if you need to say no, here are some ways to handle this awkward situation.

The most common reasons for a promNOsal:

  1. YOU ARE GOING WITH FRIENDS-Simply explain to the person that you don’t want the pressure of a date and have decided that the best way to celebrate prom is with your friends. To take the sting out, promise him a dance and tell him that he should make sure to find you at prom so you guys can take a picture together.
  1. YOU ALREADY HAVE A DATE-Again, honesty is the best policy. Explain how flattered you are that he asked but you already have a date. To soften the blow, let him know that if you didn’t already have a date you would have loved to go with him and offer to help him find another date.
  1. YOU ARE JUST NOT THAT INTO HIM-This is a bit of a tricky one. If you are waiting to be asked by someone else, again, honesty is the best policy. Explain that even though you haven’t been officially asked, you have sort of committed to go with another person.  BUT, if you are just HOPING someone else asks you, remember you run the risk of having no date to prom.  Whatever you do, DO NOT offer for him to be your backup plan.  Nobody wants to be someone’s second choice.

If you have to say no to someone then remember:

BE SENSITIVE-Imagine it was the other way around, if you have ever been on the receiving end of rejection you know how it feels.  So when turning someone down treat them the way you would want to be treated.

DO NOT GOSSIP ABOUT IT- It’s tough enough for someone to get turned down, so don’t make them the target of gossip or embarrassment by talking about it to everyone at school.

For guys, here is the best way to avoid a promNOsal:

DO A LITTLE INTEL-The best part of promposals are the not only the unique way you plan to ask, but also the element of surprising the girl.  Even though you want it to be a surprise, consider approaching her best friend and asking her if she thinks that her friend would go with you.  Ask the friend not to say anything.  If the friend is unsure, ask her to do you a favor and see if she can nonchalantly find out if her friend would go with you.  This is a win win, if the friend says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to ask, then you have just saved yourself from a promNOsal.  If the friend thinks she will go with you, you can enlist her to help you pull off an awesome promposal.

Trust me guys, us girls love to help you surprise our friends so don’t be afraid to ask!  If you don’t want to ask her friend, you can go with plan B, get one of your friends to try to find out if she would go with you.  If neither of those seem right to you, you can always try to find out yourself.  Try asking her if she has a date yet (this will avoid promNOsal 2). If she says no, ask her if she has a date in mind.  If she says yes, casually ask her who.  We girls will usually give you some clues if it’s you we are hoping will ask us.  Also, don’t worry too much if you think she is catching on, she will still be surprised if you ask her.

Mac Duggal loves to hear from you. Post your best tips for how to handle this awkward situation by commenting on this post.

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