Pretty in Pink! 10 reasons to wear a pink prom dress!

Over the years we have seen trendy colors come and go. Colors that are hot for a season but quickly fade out of style. There was that one season with an array of pastels, the season of tie-dyed dresses, the year everything was ombre, and we are unlikely to forget the neon trend. However, some colors are classic go-to’s. Like white, black, red and of course, pink. Still not sure which color you will rock this year at prom? Here are ten reasons you should THINK PINK!

  1. No other color makes you feel like such a complete girlie girl?
  2. It’s a color, depending on the hue, that compliments all skin tones.
  3. You can have a lot of fun when it comes to accessories. Accent a pink dress with blues or purples to really feel like a princess.
  4. Matching your date will be fun. Go the traditional route and have your date wear a pink vest and pocket square. Or have him wear pink accenting colors.
  5. Pink is a color that never goes out of style. When you look back at your prom photos you will never have that “what was I thinking?” moment.
  6. Because pink dresses are classic, you can reuse your dress after prom (See 7 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Prom Dress)
  7. Matching flowers will be simple and fun. Pink is a color that goes with almost any type of flower.
  8. A bright pink dress will surely help you stand out in group photos.
  9. All shades of pink go with female features. If you have dark hair and dark eyes opt for a darker pink hue. If you have light hair and light blue or green eyes go for a lighter pink.
  10. Pink is fabulous!

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