How To Choose The Perfect Pageant Interview Dress


by Harleigh Hearts

Mark your calendars!  This year’s Miss USA pageant broadcast on June 5th signals the start of pageant season.  For as long as I can remember, watching the Miss USA pageant has been a tradition in my house.  I would look forward to watching all the contestants model their gorgeous evening gowns and swimsuits and answering questions on stage.

In addition to Miss USA, this summer, pageant systems across the country will be hosting their nationals, where just like the Miss USA pageant, delegates will be representing their states in a bid for the national titles.  While different pageant systems have different areas of competition, such as swimsuit, evening gown and talent, almost all pageant systems have an interview portion.

As a titleholder, you will make public appearances and are a representative of your system.  It is important to be able to make a good impression wherever you go, not only in how you dress but to feel comfortable speaking publically and conversing with people you have just met. That is why interview is a key part of a pageant.  Judges want to see your personality and your personal style.  That is why what you wear in the interview portion of the pageant is as important as your ability to show your personality.  In essence, it is similar to a job interview and you want to make a great impression. Whether you are competing in a local pageant, state pageant or national pageant, it is important to take your time choosing what you will wear to compete, not just your evening gown, but what you will wear for interview.

A pageant interview dress is always shorter in length, generally to the knee or just above.  A good tip to ensure that the dress is the correct length is to stand straight with your arms at your sides, the dress should be no shorter than the tip of your middle finger.  The dress should also fit well, nothing too tight, see through, strapless or overly beaded or embellished.  Remember, a pageant interview is similar to an interview for a job, so you don’t want to look like you are going to a party or a school dance, so you want to choose a dress that is a bit more conservative and modest in style, color, length and fit.

For Teens, it is important to remember to keep your interview dress age appropriate. Do not choose a dress that is too mature in style or color.  Lighter brighter youthful hues are a great way to go. A very popular style choice for teens for a pageant interview dress is one that has more of a full skirt.  Remember to keep the accessories conservative as well.  It’s perfectly fine to choose statement pieces, like a necklace for example, but choose pieces that compliment the dress rather than detract.

Here are some of my favorites:

For Miss contestants, an interview dress that is a little more form fitting is an excellent choice.  Choose a color that compliments your skin tone and hair color.  Make sure to choose a style that compliments your body type and avoid dresses that are too short or too tight.

I love the classic style and cut of this dress and the flower print is stunning.  The length is perfect for interview, falling just at the knee.

When it comes to choosing the interview dress for your pageant, you are sure to find the perfect dress in the After Five collection, which offers great choices for both Teen and Miss contestants.  A perfect blend of classy and elegant, the After Five collection will help you make a great impression during the interview phase of the pageant.

As a leading designer in the pageant industry, Mac Duggal is an expert when it comes to creating a winning wardrobe for pageant girls across the world.  From gorgeous show stopping evening gowns to classic elegant interview dresses, Mac Duggal designs are a perfect choice for interview and evening gown.

We wish you all good luck this pageant season and don’t forget to show us your pageant style, email your pageant pictures to: or post them to Instagram with the hashtag #macduggal.

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