Meileilan in our Mac Duggal After 5 dress


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I am so thrilled to share with you my recent collaboration with the Mac Duggal Design House.  If you don’t know his designs yet then you should check out his beautiful collections of dresses that are perfect for a variety of events.  His company is based just outside of Chicago in Burr Ridge, IL and his work has been seen at a variety of celebrity red carpet events and on screen productions by several famous actresses and recording artists.

Today, I am featuring this flattering Mac Duggal “After 5” collection dress that will be sure to turn heads.  This fit and flare dress is available in either emerald or fuschia in color and can mimic an hourglass shape no matter your size.  I love how it cinches and holds my waist while creating an illusion of a smaller torso.  The details of this dress are where it really shines. The added black crystals, beads, and threaded ribbon chains add a subtle touch of glamour to this chic and classy dress.  It’s perfect for a red carpet event, a night out with that special someone, or an upcoming formal event.

I had so much fun doing this photo shoot.  Everything about this dress gave me a boost of confidence that I can’t help but smile.  I felt beautiful and confident wearing this and that is so important to me in what I choose to wear.  Look for clothes and go out and do things that make you feel confident, because “When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun.  And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.” – Joe Namath

Dress by Mac Duggal | Shoes by B P.

Photographed by Brian Mattinson

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Chic and Cheerful: 6 Styles for Your Holiday Party

Whether you hear those sleigh bells ringing or not, we’re about to be decking the halls for a holiday party season. It’s a time we love because the dress code is loaded with opportunities to look chic and stylish. But the trick is to find that gorgeous Holiday look that nobody else will have. Looking for that something perfect to ring in the new year? Check! Desperately searching for that wow-factor dress to dance the night away? Mac’s got it.

We’ve rounded up 6 elegant, full proof and party approved holiday dresses to wear under the mistletoe. Try pairing any number of gorgeous chandelier earrings or glittering statement necklaces with a lovely holiday dress from Mac Duggal.

Mac Duggal Style 85387T

The White as Snow Dress

With the winter holiday in mind, one sure thing is everyone’s wish for snow. Whether you are having a white christmas or not, Mac Duggal Style 85387T is a brilliant ivory cocktail dress with sparkling silver embellishments. Channel your inner snow queen with an all over-lace design complete with long sleeves and revealed sheer illusion along the neckline. The back features a striking v-opening with trimmings of silver and glass-cut stones.  Sparkle beyond compare at a New Years party or chic holiday event.

Mac Duggal Style 82226M


Holiday Red

Just like those bright red bows on your holiday gifts, this sizzling red dress brings cheerfulness that goes beyond the season. Mac Duggal Style 82226M is a short red dress with pockets, perfect for keeping those holiday gifts a secret. The sheer neckline is embellished with crystals and rhinestones that fall along the lace bodice. With a flouncy red skirt and a one-of-a-kind style, this holiday dress will have you shinning from head to toe.

Mac Duggal Style 93504C

The Any Occasion Dress

As a high fashion style this season, Mac Duggal Style 93504C can be worn through the winter and into the spring. On point with the statement necklace trend, this will be a “no-accessory-required” dress as large stones are attached to the sheer neckline. The floral brocade fabric shines with gold threads intertwining. The form-fitting body slightly flares out at the knee to create a dress that will look fabulous no matter which season you wear it. Wear this short dress to your office holiday party and then save it for attending a spring wedding. It’s the dress that just keeps on giving.

Mac Duggal Style 82228R

Classic Black Dress Reinvented

For some holiday events, a longer evening gown style is necessary. Perfect for a formal affair, this black jersey dress features a plunging neckline and sheer illusion waistline. All along the sheer waistline, Mac Duggal Style 82228R is embellished with a swirling pattern of silver stones and beading. A high-leg slit is the perfect touch of high fashion on this all jersey dress with a sweep train in the back. Although the long black dress is our number one choice for an upscale Holiday party, this gown is also featured in a striking red hue that puts you in that festive spirit.

Mac Duggal Style 4042T

Sparkling Sequins

Now this is a New Years Eve dress! All eyes will be on you as you start the new years off right in a daring cocktail dress that is all about style. A plunging neckline is fantastically embellished with strategically placed sequins and beaded along the bodice. Keeping the winter season in mind, Mac Duggal Style 4042T features long sleeves that are embellished with a swirling pattern of sequins. Revealed sheer illusion looks absolutely breath-taking as you dance the night away in a New Years approved dress.

Mac Duggal Style 64920A

The Little Black Party Dress

For most of us, the little black dress is the perfect choice for so many holiday parties. Whether it’s to a family gathering or a Holiday office party, this adorable dress is perfectly modest with eye-catching embellishments. The neckline is decorated with gold and silver beading, inspired by the statement necklace trend. Mac Duggal Style 64920A also features a fun and flouncy skirt that keeps you in looking festive. Twist and twirl the night away as you rock a little black party dress that is fit for the holiday season!

Mac Duggal

Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Your Dress

From the moment you enter the store, you excitedly look through racks and racks of sequin dresses, red carpet gowns, and short cocktails. Happily you try on dress afterBehind the Scenes at the Mac Duggal Photo Shoot dress until you find the “one.” The dress that makes you feel like all eyes will be on you for your grand entrance. And as you stand there in front of the mirror, dress shimmering, you ask yourself, “should I wear my hair up or down?”

Choosing the right hairstyle can often bring out even more glamour and beauty. That is why the Mac Duggal styling team hosted a very special photo shoot with renowned hair stylist, Yadira Amador. Together we’ve picked the most popular styles of gowns to show you how to perfectly match the right hairstyle to your dress.

From high collar to sweetheart neckline, Mac Duggal has chosen these nine beautiful dresses to showcase the right hairstyle for your dress.

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No matter which dress is your must-have or which hairstyle is the latest trend, what is most important is to show off your own unique style. Putting it all together for that perfect look, gives you that undeniable confidence when all eyes are on you.

A special thank you to all our beautiful models who visited the Mac Duggal team: Francesca Reed, Miss Wisconsin US International 2014; Sylvia Leszanczuk, Miss Illinois Galaxy 2014;  Catherine Love, 2014 International Junior Miss Western Illinois;  Angel Reyes, Miss Teen Midwest Belleza Latina.

Click HERE for a behind the scenes look at the making of this photo shoot.

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Runway

Models and pageant contestants typically exude remarkable poise and confidence as they walk across the stage. Their elegant appearance and graceful walks are particularly impressive given the backstage chaos of models running back-and-forth from the stage and into the dressing room.

What’s their secret behind the poise and confidence they exude during their walk? It turns out the critical factors in developing a confident evening gown walk are training and practice.

I have teamed up with pageant and runway coaches from Sashes and Crowns, Tara Darby (Top 10 Finalist Miss USA, Miss Alabama USA 2004) and Cristina Nardozzi-Buehrer (Miss Massachusetts 2005), as we give you tips to get that perfect runway walk.

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Runway

We may see models walk every day, but what they are doing isn’t easy. It actually takes a lot of practice to get that effortless feel. As a general tip, both Cristina and Tara agree that it’s crucial you put your gown on 10-15 times just to practice in it.

But when these fabulous coaches broke it down to technicalities, it really came down to the flowing movements. With Lauren York as the model, Cristina breaks down the Do’s and Don’ts of the Runway so that your body will move in perfect unison.


Whether you are walking the runway or pageant stage, knowing your mark is the first obstacle to overcome. That is why Tara urges every girl to just get up and walk: “Practice in the largest mirror that you can find. Stand 10-20 feet away and just walk.” I say take it a step further, the world is your runway. Try practicing your walk outside. It takes lots and lots of practice to make your actions appear effortless to a spectating world. 


When it comes down to arms, it’s a whole other problem. “We call it ‘purse arms’ and we warn every girl against it,” says Cristina. The idea is to NOT have one stiff arm, while the other is lose. Every joint moving freely as if they were suspended in water.

Fingers & Hands

It sounds cliche, but “pretty hands and pretty feet.” While walking in your evening gown, your four fingers should be together with your thumb touching your pointer finger. As Cristina says, “No bear claws ladies. We aren’t attacking anyone here.”


Your first instinct is to lower  your head to look down at the judges and fans. Instead, keep your shoulders back and head held high. Your chin should be slightly dropped while making eye contact with the judges at all times.


We get it. You’ve seen the fierce face look on America’s Next Top Model. But in reality, not smiling will hurt your scores. As Tara suggests, “A friendly, beautiful smile always wins over a fierce, mean look. Plus, if you look so worried about what you are doing it’ll show in your face.”


Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face it comes from having a pretty heart, spirit and mind.  Always remember you are the only you and you are absolutely gorgeous!

To celebrate my birthday, I’ve launched the first ever Mac Duggal Model Instagram Contest. Girls from ages 16 and up can post a video of their best runway walk with the Hashtag #macduggalmodel to win a trip to Chicago where the winner will walk in my most exclusive fashion show event.

Best of luck to all of you!


4 Ways to Choose the Right Jewelry for Prom

This is a guest post by stylist, blogger, and publisher of 4 Fashion Advice, Cathie Hehman. This fabulous blog gives fashion and style advice for women of all ages.

What to Consider When Choosing Jewelry for Your Prom Dress


The style, neckline and color of your prom dress and your hair color go into the decision making when choosing jewelry to go with your prom dress. Also you do not have to wear matching earrings and necklaces. You can mix it up. Plan ahead and try some different types of jewelry with your prom dress, shoes and purse and do a mirror test before you decide on jewelry.

Pearl or metal jewelry (gold or silver) and sparkly (quality rhinestone or diamond) jewelry go with every color prom dress. Silver jewelry looks especially good with cool colors such as blues, violets and greens. Gold jewelry looks nice with warm colors like pinks, corals, yellows and reds. However there are no rules that say you can’t wear gold jewelry with cool colors or vice versa. Dresses that are very fancy look better with simple style jewelry. Prom dresses that are simple in design can be worn with one piece of statement jewelry. One shoulder prom dresses or gowns that have trim around the neckline or decorative busts (sequined, beaded, etc.) usually look better without necklaces.

Aspen Alves is Wearing Mac Duggal Style 82028M

Aspen is Wearing Mac Duggal Style 82028M, a one sleeve prom dress with an embellished neckline and bodice. She wears minimal jewelry with just a simple pair of earrings.

Simple style strapless dresses look fabulous with or without necklaces. If you are wearing both earrings and a necklace one piece can be more elaborate than the other. For example classic stud earrings with a statement necklace or statement earrings and a simple style necklace.

Neutral color prom dresses like white, beige or black might be OK with colorful jewelry. A little trial and error is necessary before you decide what jewelry to wear.

How to Take an Amazing Prom Photo

Whether you are heading to prom this month or are going to be snapping tons of pictures with both a camera or iPhone, it’s crucial to know how to take a good prom photo!

Because, let’s face it, if you’re spending all that time on finding the dress and doing hair and makeup, then it’s just important as capturing that perfect moment. You should absolutely look your best in pictures. Thinking ahead of time on just how you want this to be done will make it super easy! As you know, these pictures will be everywhere! Snapchat, Instagram, and tagging will happen before you can even say, “wait get my good side!” So, let’s go over the basics on getting that perfect prom photo.

1. Location, location, location

Choosing the background of prom photo is everything! It’s all about the location or locations that you want to have your prom photo. Plan for both a “dry” location and “wet” location, just in case it rains (as it often does in April and May). Although we hope for the best weather, you should find a few places around your home or neighborhood that hold a special significance to you. The park is an obvious place with all the beautiful budding flowers, but don’t be afraid mix it up too!

Tip: make sure the background is cleaned up. You don’t want any trash cans, embarrassing stuff, and even photo bombing friends in the background of your picture.

Brooke Porter Wearing Mac Duggal Style 48002L

Brooke Porter Wearing Mac Duggal Style 48002L

2. Lighting

You’ve go to make those sequins shine! Go somewhere that has great lighting, both natural and artificial. You can even test it our before you are in your dress. Snap some pictures around the house to see what would works best. Natural lighting will bring out the beautiful makeup you’ve had done and glimmer on chiffon material. Artificial lighting will make sequins really pop and help you stand out in a crowd!

Tip: get a variety of photos in different lighting. You can always go back and choose your favorites.

Karagan Justice wearing Mac Duggal Style 3744A.

Karagan Justice wearing Mac Duggal Style 3744A.

3. The “Pose”

Got a favorite angle or side? Love pulling the peace sign or sticking out your tongue like Miley. . . well, maybe don’t do that. But, feel free to be you! Part of the fun when taking pictures is showing exactly who you are in that moment. If you wanna be crazy, go crazy. If you want to be that demure princess, then strike that beauty pose. Practice your favorite poses and fun looks. You won’t regret it! And as always. . . “smize.”

Tip: Pull as many poses as you like. Who cares if you are trying something different, you’ll want those great memories.

Pro Tip: Tilt you head to the side, but just a pinch. It’ll make you look less stiff, more elongated, and flatter your figure.

Katelyn Zelinski Wears Mac Duggal Style 61041

Katelyn Zelinski Wears Mac Duggal Style 61041

4. Do a Double Check

Before the cameras start going off like crazy, do a double-check! Lipstick, food between teeth, cracked lips are all potential smile ruiners. Check your corsage and make sure it’s not crooked. Do an entire dress check to make sure nobody is standing on your skirt and that everything is in the right place! There is nothing worse than getting that perfect picture back and realizing that there is a stain on it.

Tip: Have a double-check buddy. Have your besties’ back by having her check you and you check her.

Victoria Van Zant and best friends are both wearing beautiful Mac Duggal Dresses.

Victoria Van Zant and best friends are both wearing beautiful Mac Duggal Dresses.

5. Balance Time Between Friends and Date

Okay, so you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures on prom night. There’s honestly no escaping it. Learn how to balance your time between your date and your friends. Make sure to take pictures alone with your date, but also take some awesome fun pictures with your friends. Get a group pose lined up and remember how much fun you had with your besties. Take a few cute selfies together and totally take some awesome pictures of your group out on the dance floor.

Tip: Have someone snap a picture with your family too! You’ll love looking back with them at these memories.

Hannah Hausman Wearing a Beautiful Mac Duggal Dress with Her Date

Hannah Hausman Wearing a Beautiful Mac Duggal Dress with Her Date

6. Take Your Time

A rushed photo session never returns the results your hoped to receive. Don’t expect to get great pictures if you start taking them just as the limo arrives. Plan ahead, know your schedule, and make time for some candid shots. It’s all about being smart with your time while still maintaining a level of fun.

Tip: Make sure everyone knows the schedule as well. If you have that friends who is always running late, make sure to expect all those bumps along the way.

Tiffany Eberhart looks totally amazing in Mac Duggal Style 81719M

Tiffany Eberhart looks totally amazing in Mac Duggal Style 81719M

7. Relax

No matter how important the day is, always make sure to relax and have fun. It’s a day to enjoy with friends and you should be having the time of your life. Your candid photos will probably be your favorite, but you’ll still want those posed photos to last through the year. Relax, have fun, and look spectacular!

Tip: No tip needed! Just have fun.

Shea Mills Glamorously Wearing Mac Duggal Style 61566D.

Shea Mills Glamorously Wearing Mac Duggal Style 61566D.


Check out our Pinterest Board for more amazing photos and prom photo ideas! You could be featured on the Mac Duggal’s website and Pinterest page too. Just use the hashtag #MacDuggal and the @MacDuggal handle to tag yourself and your dress.

Dress Your Way to a Better Spring

Spring has sprung and it’s time to start talking about the trends that you can get right now. Although prom is just one very special day, that doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck in winter colors for the rest of the season.

Instead stick with a hot spring trend of 2014 that will last through the summer. When you look back at your prom pictures, you’ll be glad you did!


It’s certainly not a huge surprise that pastels are in season for spring. Everyone is looking for that pop of color once April arrives and it’s a trend that has proven true throughout the years. From soft blue to sweet pinks, pastels are perfect for keeping up with the latest spring trends.

Mac Duggal Style 61368M

Mac Duggal Style 61368M

Sporty Chic

That sporty look is perfect for that high school athlete. And it’s the perfect trend right now. Taking your natural sporty look and just adding a bit of glam to it is the easiest thing to do. Go with simple embellishments and dresses that feature flexible jersey material. It’s the best way to show off your athletic talents while still feeling like you are ready for prom!

Mac Duggal Style 85152A

Mac Duggal Style 85152A

Tea Length Skirts

Straight off the runway are tea length skirts. Somewhere between a midi and a maxi (yes, it’s that specific now) are these lovely skirts. It’s a perfect ladylike hemline but it can be just as modern as the mini. Tea length skirts are soft and sweet, and are the perfect combination for fierce spring fashion.

Mac Duggal 1610D

Mac Duggal 1610D


Looking to add a bit more flare to your look? The peplum dress is will help you stand out amongst a sea of a-line dresses. Peplums pack a powerful punch in such a small embellishment! They are fun, flouncy, and, contrary to the stereotype, they make you look slimmer and accentuate your natural curves. The peplum dress gives you lots of volume without adding inches to your waist. It’s the perfect spring trend to wear as you are getting your beach body ready for the summer.

The Mac Duggal Peplum dress.

Mac Duggal Style 61566D – Peplum Dress


Those sheer tops, skirts, and dresses are again perfect for Spring 2014. With this long winter, it’s been way too long without wearing our favorite sheers. The sheer look on a stunning prom dress is the perfect feature that won’t be something you end up regretting later. You’ll look sexy but stylish without having to bare all.


Mac Duggal Style 82003A

Mac Duggal Style 82003A


Mac Duggal Dresses for Spring 2014

Three Amazing Mac Duggal Styles for Spring 2014