How To Choose The Perfect Pageant Interview Dress


by Harleigh Hearts

Mark your calendars!  This year’s Miss USA pageant broadcast on June 5th signals the start of pageant season.  For as long as I can remember, watching the Miss USA pageant has been a tradition in my house.  I would look forward to watching all the contestants model their gorgeous evening gowns and swimsuits and answering questions on stage.

In addition to Miss USA, this summer, pageant systems across the country will be hosting their nationals, where just like the Miss USA pageant, delegates will be representing their states in a bid for the national titles.  While different pageant systems have different areas of competition, such as swimsuit, evening gown and talent, almost all pageant systems have an interview portion.

As a titleholder, you will make public appearances and are a representative of your system.  It is important to be able to make a good impression wherever you go, not only in how you dress but to feel comfortable speaking publically and conversing with people you have just met. That is why interview is a key part of a pageant.  Judges want to see your personality and your personal style.  That is why what you wear in the interview portion of the pageant is as important as your ability to show your personality.  In essence, it is similar to a job interview and you want to make a great impression. Whether you are competing in a local pageant, state pageant or national pageant, it is important to take your time choosing what you will wear to compete, not just your evening gown, but what you will wear for interview.

A pageant interview dress is always shorter in length, generally to the knee or just above.  A good tip to ensure that the dress is the correct length is to stand straight with your arms at your sides, the dress should be no shorter than the tip of your middle finger.  The dress should also fit well, nothing too tight, see through, strapless or overly beaded or embellished.  Remember, a pageant interview is similar to an interview for a job, so you don’t want to look like you are going to a party or a school dance, so you want to choose a dress that is a bit more conservative and modest in style, color, length and fit.

For Teens, it is important to remember to keep your interview dress age appropriate. Do not choose a dress that is too mature in style or color.  Lighter brighter youthful hues are a great way to go. A very popular style choice for teens for a pageant interview dress is one that has more of a full skirt.  Remember to keep the accessories conservative as well.  It’s perfectly fine to choose statement pieces, like a necklace for example, but choose pieces that compliment the dress rather than detract.

Here are some of my favorites:

For Miss contestants, an interview dress that is a little more form fitting is an excellent choice.  Choose a color that compliments your skin tone and hair color.  Make sure to choose a style that compliments your body type and avoid dresses that are too short or too tight.

I love the classic style and cut of this dress and the flower print is stunning.  The length is perfect for interview, falling just at the knee.

When it comes to choosing the interview dress for your pageant, you are sure to find the perfect dress in the After Five collection, which offers great choices for both Teen and Miss contestants.  A perfect blend of classy and elegant, the After Five collection will help you make a great impression during the interview phase of the pageant.

As a leading designer in the pageant industry, Mac Duggal is an expert when it comes to creating a winning wardrobe for pageant girls across the world.  From gorgeous show stopping evening gowns to classic elegant interview dresses, Mac Duggal designs are a perfect choice for interview and evening gown.

We wish you all good luck this pageant season and don’t forget to show us your pageant style, email your pageant pictures to: or post them to Instagram with the hashtag #macduggal.

What to Expect from the Mac Duggal Fall 2014 Collection

The long awaited Mac Duggal Fall 2014 Collection launched on Friday, April 25th and has already been seen on red carpet events like the Vanity Fair Party and Latin Billboard Awards. It’s been receiving a huge amount of attention and we are so proud to share it with the world.

But what can you expect from the Mac Duggal Fall 2014 Collection? We break it down by collection and give you a sneak peek of what you can expect.

Unique Homecoming Dresses

Every Mac Duggal dress is perfectly designed to be unique and to stand out from the crowd. The Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection is no different. Of course, it still offers the glamour of Mac Duggal embellishments and detailing, but this year’s seasons goes beyond that.

From the ideal Barbie short dress, to little black dresses with extra embellishments, the 2014 Homecoming Collection is the perfect mix of short dresses. Of course, there is the classic homecoming dress with a soft chiffon skirt. But, there are also form-fitting dresses with sequined sheer illusion necklines. The Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection truly has a unique blend of styles and designs that are hard to forget.

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More Embellishments and Sophistication in the Royalty Collection

The previous Royalty Collection from last fall featured a lot of sparkles with delicate chiffon breakaway skirts. This Fall 2014 Royalty Collection features that same amount of sparkle, but on a more sophisticated style. Many of the Royalty gowns are long and are designed with a mermaid silhouette. Styles like 48188Y are the perfect example of this. This purple or black evening gown features a built-in-bling high collar neckline that sparkles with Swarosky rhinestones.

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A Short, Sexier, More Stylish Twelve Collection

If you are looking for a short and sparkling cocktail dress, then Mac Duggal’s updated Twelve Collection is absolutely perfect. So many short dresses from this collection have been featured on the red carpet and in major magazine publications. We are loving all the crystals and rhinestones that sparkle along the sheer illusion cutouts. Drawing from both a vintage inspired look and a modern design, the Twelve Collection is a hot new addition to the Mac Duggal system.

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More Color in the Black White Red Collection

The Black White Red Collection is no longer just about those colors. Oh no, this revamped Mac Duggal collection features colors like Peacock, Platinum, Emerald, and even Animal prints. The new Black White Red Collection has made a vast innovation of evening gowns that is unlike anything seen before. And the short cocktail dresses are marvelous!

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Exquisite Detailing on Every Couture Dress

Couture has easily been one of the favorite collections of the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Seasons. With so many unforgettable trends of previous seasons, Mac Duggal stuck with the same idea but added more color and runway ready deigns that are sure to impress from the Mac Duggal Couture Collection. The detailing is truly exquisite and sparkles on peplum dresses. We can expect to see more of these evening gowns on the red carpet.

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A Sugar Collection that Pops with Color and Sparkle

With a totally revamped Sugar Collection, it’s no wonder why our youngest models were so excited to see a variety of new colors that promise to sparkle on stage. These darling Sugar dresses feature a full skirt and detailing that runs throughout each gown. Some dresses are off the shoulder, some are halter, and then some of these dresses feature wide straps. However, each dress offers a distinct sense of style that is perfect for a sugar girl.

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So, what are your favorite collections of the Fall 2014 Season? Follow us on Facebook or Tweet us at @macduggal for the daily updates on the newest Mac Duggal Collection.

Mac Duggal

Mac Duggal Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Approved

This is a guest post by Liz Everett. As a stylist, blogger, and fashion guru, she builds upon runway fashion for the everyday woman.

This Valentine’s Day make your style statement a fierce statement about who you are. I say be bold and create an effortless sense of glamour with Mac Duggal! Check out these amazing picks for special Valentine’s fashion! Let’s talk head to toe fabulous with red, pink, and totally glamorous.

Within boundaries, there really are no rules for what is appropriate for Valentine’s Day. So it is important to get out of the norm and push the fashion envelope. Whether you walk into the room with your sweetheart or you and your friends make it a Girl’s Night Out, every woman likes to walk into the room with flair. No matter what you pick from this season’s line you will knock em’ dead on Valentine’s Day!

This Top 5 for V-day is like no other! It is time for you to get glam with Mac Duggal!

Mac Duggal Style 6138R

Mac Duggal Style 6138R

I love that we are starting this Top 5 out with an amazing one-shoulder piece. Mac Duggal Style 6138R from the Black, White, Red Collection proves that lace is back! Ever since New Years lace has been hot, haute, hot from the red carpet to the everyday glam scene. It is time for you to get yourself on track with all the Hollywood stars in this red one shoulder.

Mac Duggal Style 64583N

Mac Duggal 64583N
Mac Duggal Style 64583N

Talk about glamour! Mac Duggal Style 64583N dress has all the makings of a total starlet. This is the dress you want to wear when you are stepping out and ready to impress. I love this color and sheen of the fabric. But let’s keep it real, the bling is super fabulous!

Mac Duggal Style 64738F

Mac Duggal 64738F
Mac Duggal Style 64738F

It is time to step out to your gala or Valentine’s glamour event with a total sense of diva! Mac Duggal Style 64738F features a high low skirt that is a total score with amazing waist detail. The flow and flair gives way for great memories and great pictures. Your social media will be blowing up when you post pictures in this amazing dress.

Mac Duggal Style 76524R

Mac Duggal 76524R
Mac Duggal Style 76524R

In my opinion, Mac Duggal Style 76524R is the most classic piece of them all. What I truly love about this cocktail dress is that it’s comfortable, effortless, and glamourous. Whether you wear your hair down or do a sleek ponytail, you can throw on large studs or a great rhinestone hoop and you are totally ready to rock Valentine’s like a runway!

Mac Duggal Style 76152F

Mac Duggal 76152F
Mac Duggal Style 76152F

Talk about a red carpet moment! I am so in love with Mac Duggal Style 76152F and the overall fit of the garment. The most important thing to remember about fashion for any event is that if you love what you have on, then you will walk with utter confidence. And that is a feeling no one can ever take away from you!

Mac Duggal dresses for “Walking Tall”

They say that the clothes make the man.

But Mac Duggal knows, the clothes enhance the woman.

For nearly 30 years, the designer, who recently won three prestigious industry awards for value and service for his stunning array of social occasion dresses, has designed timeless dresses and gowns to define every stage of a woman’s life, from stunning prom and pageant dresses, to evening gowns and chic cocktail dresses.

“It’s not about the dress, it’s about the woman,” Mac said of the ladies who wear his creations. “It’s not about the color or the cut, it’s how you perceive it. It has to be you.”

It’s the careful crafting and stunning selections that make Mac Duggal dresses perfect for enhancing any woman’s inner and outer beauty. Just ask Erika Rose, a staff writer for Four Points Magazine, a resource publication for the Miss America Pageant. Erika recently wrote about her experience trying on a fabulous Mac Duggal dress, which she’ll don for the Miss America Outstanding Teen Night of Stars Extravaganza, which takes place Aug. 16 in Orlando, part of the 2013 Miss America Outstanding Teen Pageant.

“On the hanger, the dress Bridal Elegance stylists pulled for me was stunning, and on, it felt even more ravishing,” Erika wrote in the magazine’s blog. “Although I’m not an expert on fashion apparel, it’s easy to recognize the quality and sophistication of a dress made with practiced hands and creative design.”

Indeed, clad in a gorgeous Mac Duggal gown, any woman can feel on top of the world.

Read Erika’s full blog post at

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Elegance in black and white

Move over, little black dress. Make some room for the new girl in the closet.


The LBD, such as Mac Duggal style 64562, is the epitome of the perfect wardrobe essential. The dress can be glammed up for a party with silver stiletto pumps and dangling earrings, but add a jacket and black patent slingbacks, and you’re ready for a daytime event.

It’s been a rule of thumb for women since 1926, when Coco Chanel first introduced a comfortable and stylish dress in a color that was once reserved only for a woman in mourning. The frock – a black dress designed to be short, stylish, and classically cut – was simultaneously simple and elegant, and became popularly known simply as the Little Black Dress. The dress was declared by Vogue to be fashion’s version of the Ford Model T – modern, sleek, and available to everyone.  “A sort of uniform for all women of taste” is how the magazine described the now infamous dress, which soon became recognized under the shortened acronym, LBD.

Over the past century, the LBD has been hailed by fashion experts as a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. The dress has become the basis for other trendy ensembles, and is seen as the one item every woman can pull out of her closet for any occasion, to be dressed up or down with complementary accessories. In terms of having a perfect wardrobe, the LBD is the first line of defense against that chilling phrase, “I have nothing to wear!”

But while the dress remains a stylish mainstay, and having one is still key in any wardrobe, the LBD is no longer the lone hero in the world of the “what will I wear” crisis. These days, ladies are also leaning toward the lighter side of fashion staples.

“By tradition, we are trained to believe that every woman needs that ‘Little Black Dress’ and black pumps in her closet to fit any occasion that arises,” said Harvey Jenkins, M.D., Ph.D., owner of BodyTrends Spa, Salon, Studio & BoutiQue in Oklahoma City. “But what we find at BodyTrends BoutiQue, is that ‘White’ is the new ‘Black,’ as it seems to be one of most popular colors in gowns and dresses that we sell.”


The simple, elegant cut and high embellished neckline of style 61388 is ready for any event you can think of, from a grand opening gala to Sunday dinner.

Jenkins isn’t saying that black is out. Just that women are making room in their wardrobes for more than one anchor hue for their fashion accessories. And that means white and ivory are new must-have colors.

“What this tells us is that the modern woman has a white dress as an essential part of her fashion armamentarium… Maybe two!” Jenkins said.  “White is not just for walking down the aisle anymore, but for the reception, the after-party or any other time you need to stand out, be seductive, be subdued, or just to make a statement.”

Jenkins also noted that the addition of a Little White Dress to the list of must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe is even echoed by Hollywood.

“Even Olivia Pope, from the TV show Scandal, seems to have the allure and utility of the white dress figured out, as if it were some kind of ‘must-have’ strategic device,” Jenkins said, noting that the lead character in the ABC drama, played by actress Kerry Washington, wears white as a signature color.


Look enchanting in this plus size ivory and gold dress, style 64489. This gown can make the rounds from dance floor to dinner party.

Of course, none of this means that the Little Black Dress is obsolete. Quite the opposite, the classic number is as popular as ever, and with only minor accessories it can transform from classic to trendy and back again. Over the years, the LBD, while described as something classic that remains in style, has seen changes from time to time, with skirts flaring and necklines lowering with the times. But the overall classic look remains, thanks to its simple elegance.

Only now, there’s room in the elegance closet for other classic colors, including white and ivory.

“It goes with anything,” Jenkins said of the Little White Dress. “It is accessory-friendly. It complements any skin type. It won’t let you down.”

Explore the Little White Dress and other beautiful creations at the official Mac Duggal website.

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Mac Duggal dresses go to prom

It’s a terrible habit that so many women have.

You skim the pages of fashion magazines, watch red carpet coverage, and absorb the celebrities of Hollywood and beyond with one thought in mind:

“I’ll never look like that.”

Do words like “couture” and “ball gown,” “bias-cut” and “sequined overlay” sound like they would never apply to the clothing you own, though you love to browse the styles? Is glamorous styling for women OTHER than you?

Well, stop that train of thought right this instant, because Mac Duggal knows, it’s NONSENSE!

The advantage of the gorgeous collections of Mac Duggal is that they are designed with one audience in mind: The Fascinating Female.

Whether looking for something for prom or homecoming, a black tie gala, a walk down the red carpet, a Sweet 16 party, or any formal event you can imagine, the designs of Mac Duggal’s numerous collections span all style points, from full length gowns to sassy cocktail dresses, and encompass the beauty of all women.

The proof comes not from just our say so, but from the women who proudly wear these designs. Mac Duggal stepped into the limelight across the nation this spring and dominated the dance floor, as young ladies from big cities and small towns alike chose Mac Duggal to help them make a statement at prom.


Eliza and Krystal each embraced a long flowing gown with a sweetheart neckline for prom. Eliza stunned in white with blue detailing in style 78761, while Krystal was pretty in pink in style 81838.

michelle sydney  61041

One of the most popular dresses in the Mac Duggal Black White Red Collection is this evening gown, style 61041. The form fitting bodice and flowing skirt are a hit on the dance floor, and the style is a favorite for prom, homecoming, pageants and all special occasions. Michelle (left) and Sydney (right) both look more like they are headed for the runway than the prom!


With a sassy side updo and classic makeup, Sammi stunned and showed off her perfect curves in this full length gown from the Fabulouss Collection, style 81609.


Savannah was crowned Prom Princess at Prom 2013 while wearing this short sequined one-shoulder dress, style 85032.


One of our favorite submissions from Prom 2013 was this fun photo from Brooke, who combined the red-hot elegant look of this gown from the Flash Collection with some good old down-on-the-farm charm, posing on the tractor before heading out to the big dance. Talk about country chic!

Check out even more photos of Mac Duggal at Prom 2013 on the prom pages at the official Mac Duggal website, as well as on our official Pinterest page!

Mac Duggal designs are exclusive styling for an inclusive audience. It’s not about being model thin or an A-list celebrity. It’s about beautiful dresses for beautiful women.

Find your Mac Duggal look in one of our exquisite Mac Duggal Collections.

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‘The Voice’ champ Danielle Bradbery achieves celebrity style clad in a graceful Mac Duggal dress

Danielle Bradbery has The Voice, and Mac Duggal has The Look.

With more than 12-million viewers tuning in from home, the competitors of NBC’s The Voice took to the stage for one last time on June 18. After two hours of rousing performances and a behind-the-scenes peek at the hit NBC show, the final winner was named, with Mac Duggal playing a prominent role in the evening of glitz and glamour.


Photo credit: NBC

Danielle Bradbery, the 16-year-old phenom who is the show’s youngest contestant to date, was crowned the Season 4 champ. The teen accepted her award wearing an exquisite Mac Duggal belted mermaid ball gown, style number 61195. The dazzling embellishments and gorgeous fabric caught the lights of the stage and sparkled with the festive confetti that fell as her name was called. Danielle’s consistent on-key performances and humble beginnings made her a fan favorite all season. Her transformation during Season 4 was a true Cinderella story, as she grew from a teenager who only sings in front of the mirror into a true musical star, complete with the elegant styling of a fabulous, full length Mac Duggal gown.

Mac Duggal designs embody the very nature of The Voice: A combination of festive creativity and dazzling opulence that define the up-and-coming superstars of the next generation. The Mac Duggal design worn by Danielle melds together fantasy and elegance, characteristics reflected by the artistic, daring and youthful spirit of all the show’s contestants.

The Voice combines top notch entertainment with white knuckle competition, while giving the Average Joe the opportunity to help discover the Next Big Thing. And what better way to prove you’re ready for life on the red carpet than to don a Mac Duggal gown. Each gown is created with precision attention to detail, combining luxurious fabrics with elegant embellishments and rich details to shine on stage, the red carpet, at prom, or at any social event.

For those who make it on The Voice, it’s the culmination of a lifelong dream to bring music to others. The allure of The Voice is the fantasy of being discovered in a big way. Thousands vie for that chance each year, with only a few making it to the big stage.

Now that Danielle Bradbery has shown she has the vocal chops, she needs to complete the transition from sweet-faced teen to celebrity big wig with the right look. The sexy and ritzy styling that shows up on television, movies, and in the pages of the fashion industry’s most distinguished magazines is exemplified in Mac Duggal designs.


Cassadee sang her debut release “Wasting all these Tears” in style 85059D from the Mac Duggal Couture Collection.

Mac Duggal designs were already a part of the exquisite backdrop for the stars of The Voice. On June 4, Season 3 Winner Cassadee Pope returned to the stage where she was discovered and gave a memorable performance of her debut single wearing a stunning Mac Duggal sequined cocktail dress.

For the winner, carrying on that signature celebrity look is a must. As winner, Danielle receives $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Republic Records, and a polished look is a must for her new role in the music industry.

For 25 years, Mac Duggal has played an important role in helping to cultivate the look of the A-Lister, and the prominent role of Mac Duggal on this overwhelmingly popular hit show is proof that these designs are where you should turn to capture that superstar look.

Capture YOUR signature look with Mac Duggal. Find your style with at the official Mac Duggal website.

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Pretty as a rose

What’s hot in the Fall of 2013?

Mac Duggal has a keen eye for fashionable trends that meld with classic styles, the marriage of which creates a glamorous look that radiates with vibrant charm and reflects the fabulous style of the woman who wears it.

This fall, expect to see dazzling dresses, plush fabrics, and an exquisite attention to detail via lush embellishments, contrasting colors, rich overlays, sweeping hemlines, and necklines that range from the daring to the demure.

A spectacular new style this fall is the sheer illusion of these fabulous embellished dresses.


Dazzling roses and sequins adorn this gown, with the details encompassing the gorgeous sweetheart strapless bustier. The gown has a vibrant and sexy look, with a high cut slit in the flowing skirt that dances around you are you glide through the night.

A rich, added touch is the matching waistband that carves out your middle and creates the look of a sensuous, hourglass silhouette. The colors of the gown are made to enhance every woman’s beauty.

Mac Duggal Couture Line, style 85203

rose2Prefer a short, sassy look? The bright, colorful sequins dance along the lace of this cocktail dress, while the satin underlay provides the perfect contrast for this stunning garment. The off-the-shoulder cut highlights kissable shoulders, and a slit at the thigh adds a splash of fun.

Mac Duggal Couture Line, style 85196

rose3Do you love the look but prefer the elements of a longer gown that reveals some of your most enticing features?

This elegant evening gown is the best of both worlds when it comes to high class couture and sizzling sex appeal. The marvelous colorful sequins embroidered over neutral tone satin make the design pop, while a high leg slit and scoop back reveal you best assets. The gown is draped with purposeful, vertical seams that give the dress the illusion of flowing on and on. The multi-colored flowers will catch the light and help you shine.

Mac Duggal Couture Line, style 85207

The stunning, rose-inspired elegance of these Mac Duggal creations are positioned to give the woman who wears them an edge above the rest when it comes to being the most memorable at this fall’s events, from formal galas to the Red Carpet.


The Mac Duggal Couture Collection features dresses for formal social occasions, special events and glamorous pageants. The innovative techniques for cut, choice of fabrics, and high-end embellishments blend classic elegance with timeless sophistication.

All Mac Duggal Couture evening gowns are made from luxurious fabrics and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish. Mac Duggal Couture is high fashion, with styling second to none.

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