Own your look with a meaningful power color

It’s a part of the wardrobe best associated with women who seem to have it all figured out.

The power color.

Whether she’s on the go, a corporate bigwig, a community activist, or the Mom who seems to have her family activities meticulously organized, she’s put together each and every day with a unifying component to her wardrobe — her power color.

Red. Black. Blue. Orange. Chartreuse. Whatever it is, she wears it, and she wears it well.


The gal with a power color always looks like she’s at ease.

But how did she find it? Is there some meaning behind it?

A search of the term “color symbolism” will produce more than 11 million results on Google. Colors are given meanings by cultures all over the world, and some take them very seriously. Wearing the wrong color to the wrong event in some parts of the world can get a person in some serious trouble.

Other websites will go on and on about how color can affect others, telling you everything from what color to paint your walls to what you should be wearing every day to enhance your mood, turn on your partner, make friends, get a raise or get a better deal at the store!

Colors are even used in language to describe things that aren’t even color related! You’re tickled pink. You feel blue. You’re so mad you see red after your husband’s white lie!

Orange you glad we didn’t tell you a bad joke?


Color has meaning. Color has depth.

And once you have your power color, you want to own it.

Scratch that.

You NEED to own it.

First things first. If there’s not already a color you are drawn to, take our simple test to figure out what colors will look best on you. Now, armed with that information, here’s all you need to know about the meanings behind your power color, and how to embrace the color so it’s all you.


Mac Duggal style 61393 is packed with passion, energy and FUN!

Red —  Red has its fair share of negative associations, such as danger, aggressiveness, anger, and fire. In the past, a woman wearing red at the “wrong” event may have been seen as anything from unstable to wanton! The area of town known for debauchery is the red light district, and everyone knows red means STOP!

But when it comes to your power color, it’s time to escape the primitive mindset that holds our beloved red captive. Red also means love, passion, energy, and strong spirit. The woman who wears red loves fiercely, works passionately, and plays with gusto and joy. She has an appetite for life and she’s not wasting a minute of it.

Other than pure red, other fun tones to try if this is your power color include cherry and bordeaux, and hues leaning toward oranges like sunset and tangerine.


Think pink with style 76539.

Pink — Pink’s most negative connotation is that it is associated with immaturity and all things childlike, such as baby dolls and pigtails with bows in your hair.

But pink is also wonderfully feminine. There’s a reason that baby clothes are sold in pink or blue, and that a man who wears pink is hailed as embracing his feminine side. Pink is pretty and perfect and nice and pleasant. It’s flirtatious and fun. A woman who loves pink believes in unconditional love. She’s romantic, affectionate, and kind.

And maybe she likes the occasional bow in her hair. Embrace it. Embrace pink!

Other than pure pink, there’s the neon variety, as pictured here, as well as magenta, watermelon, fuchsia, blush, candy pink, and many, many others!


Green styles like 61552 are fresh and full of life.

Green — Everyone has heard it before. The jealous child is the green-eyed monster. Green is the color of envy. Green is the color of greed. The game of negative word association that we play with green has us looking at our cold hard cash with disgust!

Well, stereotypes, you’re busted! Because as it turns out, it IS easy being green.

If green is your power color, it doesn’t mean you’re jealous and greedy. More than likely, it means you have a youthful spirit and a love of nature. The color green is all about new beginnings. Green is fresh. It represents nature, life and well being. If you love green, you likely also cherish your family and friends, and home really is where the heart is. You try to do the right thing and make a point to open your home to your loved ones. There’s nothing greedy about that!

Green comes in just about as many shades in fabric as it does in nature! Green runs the gamut from soft mint and key lime to deep emerald and true kelly green.


Take back the blues with a style like 64511! This fabulous gown from the Mac Duggal Royalty Collection is featured in ocean blue.

Blue — Picasso probably made the most notable connection between blue and depression, with his famous Blue Period, the years of 1901-1904, when the famous artist’s works were dominated by monochromatic blue works. Picasso famously suffered through at deep bout of depression during that same time, coming out of it and entering his Rose Period.

But the use of the word “blue” to describe sadness predates Picasso by several hundred years, with historians placing the origin of the term anywhere from the late 1300’s to the late 1500’s.

History lesson aside, it seems the blues have efficiently hijacked, well, the blues.

Take them back!

Blue is also the color of peace and loyalty. And, as the color of the sea, blue can symbolize life and tranquility. If blue is your power color, you are likely idealistic, expressive, wise, spiritual, and a good communicator. You value trust above all else in your relationships, and as such, your friends and family can always trust you. Nothing sad about that!

Blues are vibrant and come in shades as vast as the ocean itself, including royal and sapphire, as well as green-blue mixes like peacock and turquoise.


Purple can be fun while staying grounded, like style 85243.

Purple — Purple’s negative associations are less known these days than they were in years past. Back then, purple would have been the hue to mark sorrow and suffering for the common man.

But purple has always been a color associated with royalty. Purple is also strongly associated with enlightenment and wisdom. The woman who drapes herself with shades of purple has a wonderful imagination and a strong pull toward spirituality, while staying incredibly grounded.

Many of the wonderful shades of purple are named after the beautiful places in nature where they can be found, such as lavender, lilac and orchid.

Yellow — Yellow is the international color of caution. Any yellow street sign that you see in any country where you are, even if you cannot read it, means that there is a reason to slow down.


Yellow hues are a cup of cheer, just like style 7245.

Yellow means there is a hazard nearby. Yellow is the color of a coward.


Yellow is the color of the sunshine, which means it is the color of warmth, light, happiness and joy!

If yellow is your power color, you are confident and optimistic, and you start your days with a smile and hopeful energy. The woman who wears yellow offers a dose of cheerfulness to everyone she sees. Can you really look at something bright yellow and not think of something pleasant, like a summer day or an afternoon at the beach? Say hello to yellow!

Yellow is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, especially with the happy names of its hues, such as lemon and buttercup.


Browns are warm and welcoming, like this stunning Mac Duggal Couture gown, style 3622 in mocha.

Brown — The main problem with brown is that it is brown.

Even the word brown is so… brown.

It sounds bland and boring and blah.

But turn that brown frown upside down! Because brown is so positively grounded and welcoming, the woman who loves it is possibly the most dependable person who you could ever know.

Brown symbolizes so many wonderful things, things for which we all hope and strive. The great outdoors, simplicity, comfort. Brown is calm and sensitive. Brown loves for others to shine, while being the foundation for those around it.

The woman who loves brown is not one to steal the spotlight, but she loves to make sure her friends and family get credit when they deserve it. Chances are, she doesn’t even realize she has a power color. She chooses brown because it’s soothing and soft and comforting, but really, she owns it. If brown is your power color, chances are, you are a quality friend and partner, and your loved ones cherish you.

The wonderful shades of brown include mocha, beige, bronze and taupe.


Go for the gold in a style like 64567.

Gold — In appearance, gold is the absolute opposite of brown. What brown lacks in showmanship, gold makes up for in spades. This makes gold appear materialistic and shallow. But just as brown is not blah and boring, gold doesn’t have to be vapid or hallow.

Gold is the color of health, optimism, and wealth. And wealth doesn’t just mean material things and swimming in a vat of gold like Scrooge McDuck. Wealth means you add richness and warmth to everything you touch.

The woman who loves the color gold has high standards and ideals. She’s confident and passionate, and like the color, eyes are drawn to her. She is a natural leader, and her friends turn to her for advice. If gold is your power color, you have a powerful personality, and you have the ability to use it for all the good in the world.

Some of the wonderful additional hues of gold include champagne, and, depending on embellishments and accessories, a lovely nude.


Be a silver fox in 64540 in platinum.

Silver — Silver’s biggest negative connotation is that it is associated with old age or a boring personality. But we can’t for the life of us think of why getting older is somehow a bad thing, since everyone does it and there’s nothing boring about it!

So we’re stealing back silver and making it our own!

Silver is a sign of intelligence, security, and strength of character. If silver is your power color, it means you are a pro at pushing back negative energy and seeing the best in any situation. Silver is elegant and alluring, it is classic, dignified and respectable. The woman who wears silver has a pure, calming vibe when she enters the room. There’s simply nothing boring about her!

In addition to silver, hues of this downright glamorous color include platinum, grey, and gunmetal. Like gold, a woman who chooses silver as her power color can also pick a nude and add dazzle to it with silver accessories or embellishments.


White is for everyone, like Mac Duggal 61388 in gorgeous ivory.

White — White has been battling its own stereotypes for decades. It’s only for weddings. It’s only for summer. It’s sterile. It’s cold. In some cultures, it’s the color of death!

Well, enough!

You don’t have to be walking down the aisle between Memorial Day and Labor Day to don a white hot number these days. White is pure, fresh and clean, and it demands a seat at the color table (even if technically it actually IS the absence of color).

The woman who wears white as her power color is likely someone who has achieved a great deal of balance in her life. She loves the crisp fresh look of white, and how she feels in this lovely pale hue. And since white is reflective in nature, others around her feel good when she walks in the room wrapped in her white garb.

The woman who wears white is incredibly fair. People come to her for great decisions, because they know she won’t just have a knee-jerk reaction to a situation. She’ll be fair and impartial, even when family is involved!

The woman who wears white is as dependable as it gets.

White and ivory are the staple shades for this color, but white gets to join in with gold and silver and utilize nude to its advantage from time to time.


Own the room when you make black your power color. A little black dress always shines, such as Mac Duggal style 61382.

Black — Everyone knows the perils of black. It’s what you wear to a funeral. It’s the costume of the wicked witch. Black is always the color of the most negative character in the book or the movie.

Enough of that, because black is also about as sexy as it gets, and good girls can be sexy too!

Black is the color of power, wealth and of course, elegance. Why else do they call high class social events “black tie affairs.” Why not ask the gentlemen to wear pink if they want the event to be more innocent?

It’s because black is classy.

The woman who wears black as her power color is sophisticated and elegant. She is dignified and confident, and when negative energy is directed at her, she can bust right through it. If black is your power color, you are sure of yourself. You own the room when you enter it, and you’re not afraid to speak up when you need to. And you’re not afraid to embrace your inner bad girl, no matter how good you are on the outside!

We won’t offer alternatives or options for black. You’ve got this one figured out.

Find your power color. And embrace it.

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Pick the perfect dress color

It’s time for a special event.

A dance, a ball, a gala, a premiere, whatever it is, it’s on your calendar with a big red circle around it, and your Google alert sends you a reminder every two hours.


All you need to make it perfect is that special dress. You delve into the Mac Duggal Fall 2013 collection, your eyes soaking up the gorgeous gowns and all their exquisite detailing, your heartbeat picks up at the thought of slipping into one of these festive, fabulous frocks.

But you’re stuck on one little detail. What color should I wear?

If you have ever Googled one of those “how to find your perfect color” guides, you know the very next step after clicking on one of the hundreds of thousands of links is to then hit up Google for the definitions of half the words you just read.

Winter, summer, autumn tones, oranges, blues, cool, warm, pink, natural, muted, glowing, deep… figuring out what your precise skin coloring is just to find what shade will look best on you can be exhausting. Some “helpful” sites are even packed with flowcharts similar to this:

flowchartEasy as pie.

The truth is, unless you naturally “get” what it means to go through all those color analysis charts, you probably need professional help if you want to use them to find your perfect color. Because even following the instructions to a tee can make you go mad. And no one wants to see that.

But there are simpler ways to get to the root of your best color. One is to determine the undertone of your skin. The other, simply look to guides for what colors look good with your locks.

Hair Color

Generally speaking, the color of your hair can be a good determination for the color that looks great on you. While there are certainly more considerations, and darker or lighter skin tones may affect the outcome, as a guide, it’s a good place to start.


Style 61041 from the Black White Red Collection is bold in red, looking glam on blondes.

Blonde – If you go the way of Reese Witherspoon and Marilyn Monroe, you might want to try bold colors, such as red, orange, coral, emerald and peacock, as well as neutral tones like nude, tan or taupe.


Style 76541 from the Homecoming Collection is a feisty orange, which complements the gal with darker locks.

Brunette – They say blondes have more fun, but brunettes seem to have more variety. Whether your locks are a warm chestnut or a sultry raven, saturated colors are yours for the taking! Dark hair pairs well with several colors, including varying shades of pink, blue, brown, green, and orange.

Redhead – The skin tone of a lady with fiery locks can vary wildly, and the lighter the tone, the more washed out you’ll look in light colors. But in general, a redhead can shine in mocha, sapphire, emerald, and ivory.

Grey – If you find that you’re becoming a silver fox, and you have no intention of changing that, then go with bright colors. Bold shades of red, purple, blue, green and gold can look fantastic with grey, but keep away from anything too pale in color.

Skin Undertone

You can figure out your undertone by squeezing the tip of your finger. See how the color changes slightly? THAT is the undertone!

coolIf the undertone appears blue, pink, reddish-purple or rosy, then cool colors are likely for you.

warmIf what you see is peachy, gold, coral or a brighter red, then warm colors will probably be the most flattering against your skin.

Warm and cool are exactly like they sound – warm colors produce the illusion of the feel of warmth. Cool colors look like a cooling breeze feels.


Yellow and red are warm colors, such as Mac Duggal style 7245 in lemon, and  style 81702 in red.


Blue and green are cool colors, like these Mac Duggal gowns, style 64511 in ocean blue, and style 64412 in key lime.

Classic Glamour

Colors giving you grief? Why not try the most classic look of all?


A stunning Mac Duggal creation in Black, such as style 55006, can look beautiful on anyone, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to length, embellishments, and cut.

friendsFinally, don’t underestimate the power of perception. Bring your friends with you. Ask them questions. Tell them to BE HONEST. Holding up dress after dress is a tough sell when it’s just you and the mirror. But through the eyes of another person, you are getting a much better picture of what really looks great on you.

And in the end, remember, it’s YOUR dress. If you love it, then LOVE it. We’re sure you’ll look fantastic.

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