Mac Duggal dresses shine at Miss America 2014

The new Miss America will be crowned in front of a national audience on Sunday night. And it’s been a long road for the future title holder, including this past week of preliminaries, parties, meet-and-greets and endless preparation for what each of these 53 women hope will be their crowning moment.

Mac Duggal has played a prominent role in the Road to the Crown, as the choice of several of these talented women for what to wear to represent themselves and their state in this 92-year-old tradition of pageantry, scholarship, and female empowerment all rolled into one.

These women took to the stage in Mac Duggal creations during this week’s preliminaries:

Miss Illinois, Brittany Smith

MissILBrittanySmithEveningBrittany looked sleek in ivory during the Evening Gown preliminary in style 70002R from the Black White Red Collection, with gorgeous angled accents, a gold belt and structured peplum.

Miss Iowa, Nicole Kelly

MissIANicoleKellyEveMaking national news, Nicole is the first Miss America contestant born missing part of a limb. Nicole’s platform is to aid and support children with disabilities, and we’re proud she chose as her Evening Gown choice, style 61359P from Mac Duggal Pageant.

Miss Kansas,Theresa Vail

MissKSTheresaVailEveningTheresa made waves during the preliminaries as well, as this National Guard Sergeant and expert marksman took to the stage in the swimsuit competition showing off her two tattoos. Theresa picked Mac Duggal Couture for her Evening Gown choice, style 61566D.

Miss Minnesota, Rebecca Yeh

MissMNRebeccaYehTalentRebecca double-dipped in Mac Duggal at preliminaries, and we couldn’t be happier. The violinist chose a red peplum creation from the Spring 2014 Mac Duggal Black White Red Collection, style 61726R, to wear during her Talent preliminary, which she won!

MissMNRebbecaYehEveningRebecca also looks picture perfect in purple in her Evening Gown choice, style 43003P from Mac Duggal Pageant.

Miss South Carolina, Brooke Mosteller


Brooke was a vision in white in Mac Duggal Pageant! She chose this gorgeous chiffon gown with cascading crystals for her performance during the Talent preliminary.

Miss North Dakota, Laura Harmon

MissNDLauraHarmonTalent2Laura looked like the picture of style and grace when she took to the stage to sing during the Talent preliminary, dressed in the fabulous taffeta and lace creation from the Black White Red Collection, style 61393R.

Miss Rhode Island, Jessica Marfeo

MissRIJessicaMarfeoTalentWith sizzle and style, Jessica took to the stage during the Talent preliminary in a fringe and lace Mac Duggal custom creation.

MissRIEveJessica took to the stage in the Evening Gown preliminary in a Mac as well, picking this fabulous vintage-inspired mermaid gown from the Black White Red Collection. The taffeta gown with lace and illusion top is Mac Duggal style 61391R.

Miss Maryland, Christina Denny

MissMDChristinaDennyEveOne of our most exquisite gowns, Christina was truly stunning as she walked the stage in the Evening Gown preliminary in style 1195D from Mac Duggal Couture.

Miss Puerto Rico, Shenti Lauren

MissPRShentiLaurenEveWith style and sparkle, Shenti grabbed attention in a sparkling Mac Duggal Pageant gown that glittered with golden embellishments, style 50080P. Between her gown and smile, Shenti was all shine during the Evening Gown preliminary.

Miss Utah, Ciera Pekarcik

MissUtahCieraPekarcikEveWith floating layers of chiffon and a gorgeous beaded halter neckline, Ciera looked stunning in an aqua gown from Mac Duggal Pageant during the Evening Gown preliminary , style 43017P.

MissUTCieraPekarcikTalentCiera also chose Mac Duggal for her Talent gown as well, stepping on to the stage to perform in a Mac Duggal Pageant Collection gown, style 43006P.

Miss West Virginia, Miranda Harrison

MissWVMirandaHarrisonMiranda was the Lady in Red as she stepped out on stage in a Mac Duggal Pageant Collection gown for the Talent preliminary. The blonde stunner looked wonderful in the crystal bedecked style 81619P.

Miss Michigan, Haley Williams

MissMIEveHaley was red-hot in the Evening Gown preliminary in Mac Duggal Pageant, style 43005P, with dazzling beading on the bodice and an exquisite flowing red skirt.

Miss Wisconsin, Paula Mae Kuiper

MissWisconsinEvePaula was looked regal in this fabulous deep purple gown from Mac Duggal Couture. The gorgeous strapless mermaid gown is style 81954D, and Paula nailed it for the Evening Gown preliminary.

Miss Hawaii, Crystal Lee

MissHICrystalLeeEveningCrystal took to the stage of the Evening Gown preliminary looking graceful in red in this wonderful Mac Duggal Custom gown.

Miss Massachusetts, Amanda Narciso

MissMassEveAmanda struck gold in a shimmering body hugging halter top gown during the Evening Gown prelim, a custom creation by Mac Duggal!

Miss Texas, Ivana Hall

MissTXEveIvana was stunning as she graced across the stage in this fabulous white chiffon beaded gown from Mac Duggal Pageant during the Evening Gown preliminary.

444979056_e70ecfae7bWith so much talent, confidence and poise on stage, there’s no telling who will take home the crown this year!

Miss America 2014 will be crowned at the conclusion of the live Miss America Finals, Sunday, Sept. 15, at 9 p.m. Eastern on ABC.

*images thanks to Miss America OrganizationThe Press of Atlantic City

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Mac Duggal dresses on top of the world

It’s a grand view from the top.

Mac Duggal and his fabulous array of prom, pageant, couture, homecoming and other special occasion dresses are certainly enjoying that view these days, thanks to a trifecta of top-tier accolades, some of the highest awards available in the fashion industry.

On Aug. 7, Mac Duggal stepped forward to accept three prestigious awards from Top 10 Prom during the annual Atlanta Apparel World of Prom Market. The designer, who will celebrate 30 years in fashion next year, was honored by Top 10 Prom with the Customer Service Award, the Most Improved Vendor Award, and Top Sales for dollars earned for official retailers.

Best of the Best ~ Mac Duggal's three Top 10 Prom awards were placed on prominent display during the Atlanta Prom Market fashion runway show from Aug. 8-11, where the fabulous Spring 2014 line was revealed to retailers!

Best of the Best ~ Mac Duggal’s three Top 10 Prom awards were placed on prominent display during the Atlanta Prom Market fashion runway show from Aug. 8-11, where the Spring 2014 line was revealed to retailers! Mac Duggal was hailed by Top 10 Prom for his Customer Service and the value his gorgeous dresses bring to the retailers and boutiques who sell them.

Top 10 Prom is a direct mailing book sent out to markets each year, aimed at advertising the top prom fashions to junior and high school girls. Denise Knapp, owner of Top 10 Prom, said that more than 700,000 books are mailed out each year, featuring the designers in the collective. Mac Duggal is among one of the most honored designers of Top 10 Prom this year. The book represents about 100 total retail stores and exclusive boutiques across the nation, all which feature all the Top 10 Prom designers.

Knapp said that the awards are well deserved by Mac Duggal and his entire team.

“Mac gives exceptional customer service,” Knapp said. “Mac’s dresses also sell so well, that it helps our group make money… What I care about it what sells from the floor out the door. And that’s what we track. And Mac Duggal helped our group make money last year. So they got the award for dollars produced for our group.”

Knapp said that the Most Improved award is like an MVP for Top 10 Prom, because Mac Duggal’s “rating” by stores and customers grew the most from 2012 to 2013.

But above the awards themselves, Knapp said that the kudos well deserved because of the way that Mac Duggal does business.

“I think Mac is a very sincere person,” Knapp said. “I think Mac is the real deal. I like Mac as a friend and I think if I was not in the industry, I would still have him as a friend, a good friend. I’d do anything for him.”

Knapp also noted that Mac Duggal keeps his designs fresh and appealing by surrounding himself with dedicated and talented staff who work hard season after season with the customer in mind.

“All of Mac’s people love and care for him and they love and care for the company,” Knapp noted. “I think that their loyalty to him is very strong. And when you have people who are that dedicated, your success is abundant. And so that’s what I think about his collection is that it shows the true hard work that his people give.”

1150425_10151775336649430_1925873773_nMac himself noted that hard work plays a big role in the continued success of the gorgeous lines of Mac Duggal dresses.

“These awards are really a reflection of all the hard work of our whole team,” Mac said while accepting the awards. “We work hard to make sure we get all the right dresses in all the right stores. We make sure that the customers are getting the products that they truly need.”

And Knapp noted that the general public should keep an eye out for the Spring 2014 Mac Duggal Collection, because Mac Duggal is one of the most fashion-forward stars of the entire industry, with a natural “couture” eye.

“I love Mac, and he never ceases to just amaze me,” Knapp said.  “He can walk in somewhere and see something that nobody else sees, but he sees it. And I just think he’s brilliant. He’s always been extremely good to me, and for that I’m thankful.”

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Find your perfect dress size

This post has been updated. The current version can be found at:

Find Your Perfect Dress Size on

It seems like an easy question:

What size dress do you wear?

But those six little words can sometimes be nearly as confusing as asking what is the meaning of life. For so many women, the answer is multi-faceted. It depends on the label, it depends on the length, it depends on the style, it depends on the cut, it just depends!

Hanging in nearly every woman’s closet is a hodgepodge of tops, skirts, pants, sweaters and dresses with varying labels. A woman may be able to fit perfectly into a size 6 ball gown which flares at waist. But for a sheath or mermaid dress that is fitted through the hips, she may need to move up to a size 8 and have the bust taken in for a proper fit.

Likewise, a woman could have a number of fitted tops on the hangers in her closet, but the tags could read 6, 8, M, L, 34, 5, 7, S, 8P, 38 or One Size, and every last one of them will fit her just fine.

It can be a maddening process. It seems, sometimes, that the only thing standard about standard sizing is the actual word “standard” in the name.

So how do you sort it all out?

First, you have to accept the fact that the clothes which hang in your closet simply won’t all have matching tags. Until the day comes when the designers and manufacturers and retailers of the world can all come and sit together and agree on a unified world-wide system of labeling sizes for clothing, you’ll just have to live with having mix and match sizing. And even a feat like that would fail, since all women are not built the same, and therefore could not all fit into a unified specification of size.

However, when it comes to a numeric dress size, you can find the one that will absolutely fit you best by taking the time to take your measurements.

The most important measurements for dresses are accurate measurements of the bust, waist and hip. Measurements should be taken with a cloth measuring tape.

Bust – The bust size indicates the measurement around your upper torso and around your breasts. So you want to measure at the fullest point of your breasts. Don’t confuse bust size as it relates to dress measurements with the number on your bra size. The number on your bra indicates the circumference directly under your breasts. A bra measures the fullness of your breasts via a cup size. But for a dress, the size of your bust only one number, the measurement of the fullest part of your chest. That’s the measurement you need for a properly fitting gown.

Waist – The waist should be measured at the natural waistline. You natural waistline is the narrowest part of your middle, under your rib cage, but above your pelvis, just above the top of your hip bone. Put your hands just above your hips and bend forward. Feel where it is that you bend precisely? That is your natural waist.

Hip – Hips should be measures around at the widest part of your hips.

These three measurements will help define how the dress will skim your silhouette. Depending on the cut or style, a variance of plus or minus one inch may apply to the measurements.

Once you are armed with your measurements, you can find your size on the charts that are provided by dress companies. Mac Duggal size charts can be found online by clicking on any dress, then clicking on “view size chart” on the left hand side, under the dress description.


Click where the red arrow is to see the size chart!

Once you are armed with your numbers, find the corresponding figures in the chart for your proper size.


The yellow highlighted numbers correspond with the measurements below each size.

Your measurements don’t fit exactly into the chart? Not to worry. The size chart is a guide, but we all know that every woman is different. If you find your measurements are falling between categories listed, like those above, choose the larger size. For a dress that fits like a glove, most women will likely need some sort of alterations done after they make their purchase.

Two other important tips:

1 – Have someone else help you with your measurements. You might feel silly having your BFF wrap measuring tape around your bust line, but having someone else help you out could very well mean more accurate measurements. That person will be looking straight at you, as opposed to you looking down at yourself and twisting about.

2 – Don’t be consumed by the measurements. They’re just numbers. If you find that the corresponding dress size is a number bigger than you had hoped, do NOT order down a size and hope that you can whip yourself into shape in X amount of time to fit into it. It can be a very costly mistake if the gown simply won’t fit when the time comes. It’s going to be a whole lot easier to take a dress in than to let it out. Besides, you are beautiful in Mac Duggal at every size, so don’t fret if there’s an extra inch than what you wanted. Mac Duggal has a dress for you!

Mac Duggal provides measurement sizing for all dress collections, including full length evening gowns, cocktail dresses, plus-size dresses, and the Sugar children’s line of pageant dresses.

Different designers may have slight variations on the chart, but in general, they are similar enough to give you a more definitive idea of your actual dress size.

Once you have all your measurements, you’ll be able to answer the question of “what size dress do you wear” with confidence!

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Homecoming dresses to make a statement

The news across the nation this week is HOT-HOT-HOT.

And as the sun cloaks the country in sweltering temperatures, things are heating up at Mac Duggal as well, starting with all the sizzling selections of the Fall 2013 Dress Collections. Because the cool crisp air of fall might seem out of reach in this heat, but this is still a good time for gals across the nation to start thinking of that annual fall festival of high school glitz and glamour.


Homecoming 2013 may not be here for a few more months, but the planning begins now!

Each year, teens trend toward starting their homecoming dress shopping in the height of summer. Perhaps all the summertime festivities have teens envisioning a night of football rivalries, cheers, parties, and of course the biggest event of autumn. Or maybe they’re great organizers who have their weeks meticulously planned around shopping, sales and the introduction of all the great Mac Duggal fall lines. Maybe they just love to try on those gorgeous dresses!

Who knows and who cares!

Homecoming season is kicking off, and the leading ladies of the Class of 2014 know that they can find their signature look with Mac Duggal.

So what trends are hot this year?

short sassy

64583N-Deep-Purple 64589N-Watermelon

The Mac Duggal Homecoming Line is chock full of short, sassy dresses that beg to be worn by the queen of the dance floor, like styles 64583 and 64589. Spin and twirl around in bright colors decked out with sparkling embellishments.

long regal

61387R-Red-Nude-PC 70004R-Black-PC

If your style leans more toward the regal silhouettes of a long, flowing evening gown, then the special occasion dresses of the Black White Red Collection have what you are looking for. The full line of red carpet worthy dresses includes stunning classic looks with sparkling embellishments, soft overlays, thigh high side slits and beautiful hand-sewn beading. Sparkling looks like style 70004 and 61387 will make heads turn at the dance.


76467N-Cobalt-PC 6465N-Black-Multi-PC

The full-figured divas are not excluded from the hottest fall trends. Mac Duggal knows that glamour and beauty come in all shapes and sizes. Plus size homecoming dresses run the gamut of fashionable frocks, from a rich, colorful and frilly high-low dress, like style 76467, to short flowing skirts drenched in embellishments, like style 6465. These dresses will wow the room from your grand entrance to the last song.

There’s a Mac Duggal gown for every girl this homecoming. Take a break from the heat and spend some time pouring over the fabulous selections. The clock’s ticking!

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Pick the perfect dress color

It’s time for a special event.

A dance, a ball, a gala, a premiere, whatever it is, it’s on your calendar with a big red circle around it, and your Google alert sends you a reminder every two hours.


All you need to make it perfect is that special dress. You delve into the Mac Duggal Fall 2013 collection, your eyes soaking up the gorgeous gowns and all their exquisite detailing, your heartbeat picks up at the thought of slipping into one of these festive, fabulous frocks.

But you’re stuck on one little detail. What color should I wear?

If you have ever Googled one of those “how to find your perfect color” guides, you know the very next step after clicking on one of the hundreds of thousands of links is to then hit up Google for the definitions of half the words you just read.

Winter, summer, autumn tones, oranges, blues, cool, warm, pink, natural, muted, glowing, deep… figuring out what your precise skin coloring is just to find what shade will look best on you can be exhausting. Some “helpful” sites are even packed with flowcharts similar to this:

flowchartEasy as pie.

The truth is, unless you naturally “get” what it means to go through all those color analysis charts, you probably need professional help if you want to use them to find your perfect color. Because even following the instructions to a tee can make you go mad. And no one wants to see that.

But there are simpler ways to get to the root of your best color. One is to determine the undertone of your skin. The other, simply look to guides for what colors look good with your locks.

Hair Color

Generally speaking, the color of your hair can be a good determination for the color that looks great on you. While there are certainly more considerations, and darker or lighter skin tones may affect the outcome, as a guide, it’s a good place to start.


Style 61041 from the Black White Red Collection is bold in red, looking glam on blondes.

Blonde – If you go the way of Reese Witherspoon and Marilyn Monroe, you might want to try bold colors, such as red, orange, coral, emerald and peacock, as well as neutral tones like nude, tan or taupe.


Style 76541 from the Homecoming Collection is a feisty orange, which complements the gal with darker locks.

Brunette – They say blondes have more fun, but brunettes seem to have more variety. Whether your locks are a warm chestnut or a sultry raven, saturated colors are yours for the taking! Dark hair pairs well with several colors, including varying shades of pink, blue, brown, green, and orange.

Redhead – The skin tone of a lady with fiery locks can vary wildly, and the lighter the tone, the more washed out you’ll look in light colors. But in general, a redhead can shine in mocha, sapphire, emerald, and ivory.

Grey – If you find that you’re becoming a silver fox, and you have no intention of changing that, then go with bright colors. Bold shades of red, purple, blue, green and gold can look fantastic with grey, but keep away from anything too pale in color.

Skin Undertone

You can figure out your undertone by squeezing the tip of your finger. See how the color changes slightly? THAT is the undertone!

coolIf the undertone appears blue, pink, reddish-purple or rosy, then cool colors are likely for you.

warmIf what you see is peachy, gold, coral or a brighter red, then warm colors will probably be the most flattering against your skin.

Warm and cool are exactly like they sound – warm colors produce the illusion of the feel of warmth. Cool colors look like a cooling breeze feels.


Yellow and red are warm colors, such as Mac Duggal style 7245 in lemon, and  style 81702 in red.


Blue and green are cool colors, like these Mac Duggal gowns, style 64511 in ocean blue, and style 64412 in key lime.

Classic Glamour

Colors giving you grief? Why not try the most classic look of all?


A stunning Mac Duggal creation in Black, such as style 55006, can look beautiful on anyone, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to length, embellishments, and cut.

friendsFinally, don’t underestimate the power of perception. Bring your friends with you. Ask them questions. Tell them to BE HONEST. Holding up dress after dress is a tough sell when it’s just you and the mirror. But through the eyes of another person, you are getting a much better picture of what really looks great on you.

And in the end, remember, it’s YOUR dress. If you love it, then LOVE it. We’re sure you’ll look fantastic.

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Simply beautiful dresses

Every lady loves a little bling.

But sometimes, the best dress for the occasion is one that is so simple and clean, its elegance is downright breathtaking, even without the added embellishments.

Such is the case with some of the stunning full length formal gowns from the Mac Duggal Fall 2013 Collections. In the case of these striking special occasion dresses, less is more.

Mac Duggal creations are designed with the highest quality embellishments, and details are hand-sewn piece by piece, ensuring quality and style.


Gorgeous embellishments make these already outstanding dresses shine even brighter. Cutouts and sheer illusion lining are eye-catching, and together create a look that is both sexy and charming. Gorgeous lace draped over satin creates a stunning, dimensional, textured look. A short and sassy dress drenched in sequins and rhinestones begs to be the center of attention. And gorgeous bodice embellishments like soft rouching covered by a shimmering sequined applique light up the dress, the woman wearing it, and the whole room.

But if you are looking for a dress where the gorgeous materials and hand-sewn pleating are the shining star, Mac Duggal has that look as well.


Style 55006 from the Black White Red Collection is dripping with elegance that shines even without additional glitz. The body-hugging rouching on the bodice shows off curves, while the open back with high closure shows off your sexy side. A sweep train trails behind, and the elegant fabric begs to be touched. The stunning simplicity of this gown makes it shine at any social event.


These gorgeous Mac Duggal Couture gowns are so glamorous, they speak for themselves. Style 61566 embraces the trend of peplum while maintaining a classic look, and the stunning mermaid silhouette of style 81954 makes your curves the star of the show.


The simple elegance of 81954 looked perfect on Miss Pennsylvania, Jessica Billings, in the 2013 Miss USA Pageant. Jessica entered the Top 15 in her Mac Duggal gown.

The woman who wears a gown from any of Mac Duggal’s fabulous collections outshines the rest, whether her gown is dotted with gorgeous crystals and sumptuous sequins, or if the shining material and classic cut speaks for itself.

Whether your style is dazzling beading, sexy lace, or pure classic grace, there’s a Mac Duggal dress for you.

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White-hot dresses create summer heat

It may only be the first day of summer, but it’s already white-hot around here. Especially as the perfectly pale dress selections from Mac Duggal catch the eye of the summer party-goer.

who 10 Milano-PCSummer is a busy time of year for weddings, with an estimated one-third of all U.S. weddings taking place during the summertime months. But a new trend these days is to have more than one gown for your big day.

While many women still opt for a formal gown for the wedding ceremony, it’s becoming more and more common for the high-end bride to swap the long train and layers for a sleeker number for the reception. Not only can it make it a little easier to get down on the dance floor, it’s a great excuse to buy two gorgeous dresses!

“More and more brides are changing into a second dress mid-event,” said Kyra Poulos, a Certified Wedding Planner with Chicago Marriott Naperville. “Many wear the traditional dress through the ceremony, photographs, introductions, cake cutting, and the first dance. Once the guests hit the dance floor, they quickly change. Think of the most fabulous party dress you’ve ever seen. That would be the second dress.”

The options are endless if you want to swap your formal gown for a party frock.

short whites

Look sassy and ready to dance in a frilly cocktail dress, style 64589, or a fun high-low dress, style 6089.

regal whites

Or keep the regal bridal look with a slightly less formal gown, such as this one shoulder glam dress, style 64518, or this gorgeous trumpet gown with tulle overlay, style 50107.

sparkle collage

Shine on the dance floor with sparkling embellishments, such as this fully sequined one shoulder gown, style 3389, or this stunning empire gown with a stoned bustier and sunburst rhinestone detail, style 61207.

“It’s a great option for brides drawn to different dress styles, giving them an opportunity to showcase both of their wedding day looks,” Poulos noted.

There’s certainly no requirement to change into a less formal gown, but if you want to, the possibilities are sure to excite! Wear what you love, just make sure to remember to take all the pictures you want in your first gown before changing. No one wants to have to change over and over on her wedding day! And keep the guests in mind when it’s time to swap gowns.

“As a courtesy to your guests, you should not take too long to change,” Poulos said. “They are there to celebrate you and your new husband!”

But white isn’t only for the “I do” crowd. Wearing a white gown can help you stand out and shine at any social occasion. Not sure about pure white? You can choose another shade of pale.


Dazzle on the red carpet with a sparkling mermaid dress, such as style 85144, impress at a grand gala in a gorgeous ball gown, like style 61162, or hit the dance floor at homecoming in a short, sassy number, like style 64590.

whites nudes

Embrace shades like these fabulous nudes. Styles 3754 and 78439 will wow the crowd at a black tie event.

not just whites

Be camera-ready in shades of silver like style 78825, striking embellishments that pop like style 61412, or a champagne dream like style 80236.

funky whites

Or show off your spunky side with daring cutouts or sharp lines, like styles 70000 and 70002.

Mac Duggal designs are fit for any formal occasion, and whites aren’t stuck in the bridal section. This summer, love the clean, soft, brilliant whites of Mac Duggal.

Which whites strike your passion?

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Pretty as a rose

What’s hot in the Fall of 2013?

Mac Duggal has a keen eye for fashionable trends that meld with classic styles, the marriage of which creates a glamorous look that radiates with vibrant charm and reflects the fabulous style of the woman who wears it.

This fall, expect to see dazzling dresses, plush fabrics, and an exquisite attention to detail via lush embellishments, contrasting colors, rich overlays, sweeping hemlines, and necklines that range from the daring to the demure.

A spectacular new style this fall is the sheer illusion of these fabulous embellished dresses.


Dazzling roses and sequins adorn this gown, with the details encompassing the gorgeous sweetheart strapless bustier. The gown has a vibrant and sexy look, with a high cut slit in the flowing skirt that dances around you are you glide through the night.

A rich, added touch is the matching waistband that carves out your middle and creates the look of a sensuous, hourglass silhouette. The colors of the gown are made to enhance every woman’s beauty.

Mac Duggal Couture Line, style 85203

rose2Prefer a short, sassy look? The bright, colorful sequins dance along the lace of this cocktail dress, while the satin underlay provides the perfect contrast for this stunning garment. The off-the-shoulder cut highlights kissable shoulders, and a slit at the thigh adds a splash of fun.

Mac Duggal Couture Line, style 85196

rose3Do you love the look but prefer the elements of a longer gown that reveals some of your most enticing features?

This elegant evening gown is the best of both worlds when it comes to high class couture and sizzling sex appeal. The marvelous colorful sequins embroidered over neutral tone satin make the design pop, while a high leg slit and scoop back reveal you best assets. The gown is draped with purposeful, vertical seams that give the dress the illusion of flowing on and on. The multi-colored flowers will catch the light and help you shine.

Mac Duggal Couture Line, style 85207

The stunning, rose-inspired elegance of these Mac Duggal creations are positioned to give the woman who wears them an edge above the rest when it comes to being the most memorable at this fall’s events, from formal galas to the Red Carpet.


The Mac Duggal Couture Collection features dresses for formal social occasions, special events and glamorous pageants. The innovative techniques for cut, choice of fabrics, and high-end embellishments blend classic elegance with timeless sophistication.

All Mac Duggal Couture evening gowns are made from luxurious fabrics and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish. Mac Duggal Couture is high fashion, with styling second to none.

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Timeless Mac Duggal

It’s something every woman strives for in fashion — that perfect look.

Whether getting ready for work, primping for a date, dressing down for a casual weekend, or getting gussied up for a formal event, women turn to the pages of fashion blogs and magazines to make sure their look is on the mark.

As the years go by, some of those looks that you faithfully donned over the years can make you cringe. But when glancing in the rearview mirror at the history of modern fashion, the reality is, you are looking at two very different things: The trends of the day, and the classic styles of the fashion narrative.

Fashion trends, as the name suggests, are things that come and go. From poodle skirts and bell bottom pants, to tight-rolled jeans and the mullet, what’s “in” right at the moment is essentially a fad.

Trends and fads are fluent. They move with the times. Some last longer than others, and some, thankfully, disappear in time (like that mullet, what were we thinking?).

Trends, though, are also essential in the world of fashion.

Trends carve out who we are, what we are, WHERE we are in the world at that moment. While we may have been happy to see the mullet trend end, just SEEING an old school photo of a loved one with that styled coif elicits incredible memories.

Classic style, on the other hand, is enduring.

The Little Black Dress, a string of pearls, a crisp white button-down, a trench coat. All things that pass through the pages of fashion history unscathed. Each item may be touched upon by the prevailing trends of the time — an embellishment here, an accessory there. But the style itself remains timeless, classic, elegant, and pure.

For more than two decades, Mac Duggal has created gorgeous gowns and dresses that weave together the elements of the latest trends and everlasting style.

In 1990, even while the mullet trend continued its reign over the American hairstyle, Mac Duggal’s fashion forward thinking was all about keeping unfading fashion styles as a top priority.

gold 1990

Mac Duggal ~ 1990

The sleek look of this sexy and shimmering gold sequined sheath gown are as appropriate today as they were then. Like many Mac Duggal gowns, this one not only stands the test of time, it’s a testament to Mac Duggal’s vision of prevailing fashion that never goes out of style. Mac Duggal gowns are ageless, and perfect for every woman.


Mac Duggal ~ 2013

The proof lies in the sexy, sophisticated, classic designs of the Mac Duggal Fall 2013 collection, including style 3434T from Twelve, 3754D from Couture, and 50187R from the Black White Red Collection.

So embrace the trends. But remember the style. The Mac Duggal style remains consistently elegant, for the past, present and future.

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Who’s that girl?

Like the shimmering snowflakes that fall from the sky and blanket the tops of majestic mountains, no two women are exactly alike. And no one is more aware of the differences that make every woman wonderfully unique than Mac Duggal. For more than a quarter-century, Mac Duggal gowns have graced the silhouettes of some of the most dazzling who2 7245N-Purple-PCwomen across the globe. The Mac Duggal style is much like those snowflakes. Combined, the collections of trend-setting dresses are a work of art. Still, each individual gown is a masterpiece in its own right.

The secret to this spectacular styling? Knowing the women who don these elegant ensembles and make the look their own. The Mac Duggal Fall 2013 Collection is flush with upscale styles and festive frocks for the modern women of the world.

Who are the women of Mac Duggal? Click on each image to see more details of these fabulous dresses!

Dancing Queen

who3 64402Y-BLACK-n-WHITE-SILVER-PC_0Nothing expresses youthful energy and fervor like the sassy, glam styles of the dresses in the Mac Duggal Homecoming Collection. Whether short, sparkling and playful or the longer, regal styles fit for a Homecoming Queen, the dresses of the Homecoming and Royalty lines are the perfect duds for the Mac Duggal teen.

Uptown Girl

who 5 3754D-Nude-PCwho 7 3855T-Nude-Silvercouture 80220D-Charcoal-PCwho 4 61041R-Black-Nude-BK

Drenched in exquisite detailing and high class exclusivity, the gowns and dresses of the Mac Duggal Special Occasion Line are designed for the modern elite woman. Whether a glamorous gown from the Black White Red, Couture, or Twelve collections, these dresses are a perfect fit for A-List events, from Red Carpet Affairs to a Regal Gala and everything in between.

My Girl

who 9 48004S-White-Turquoise who 8 43041S-Hot-Pink-PC

Every little girls dreams of being a princess. Make her Cinderella dreams come true with a spunky pageant style gown from the Sugar Collection.These colorful and frilly styles for little ladies have been worn by young pageant winners at the local, state and national level.

Daddy’s Little Girl

who 10 Barcelona-PC

who 10 Milano-PCShe’s dreamed of this day since she was a little girl. Now complete the magical fantasy with an awe-inspiring wedding gown exclusively from Mac Duggal. The Mac Duggal Bride celebrates her special day cloaked in a hand crafted masterpiece, rich with textures, embellishments, soft flowing fabrics and gorgeous overlays. Dressed in a luxurious Mac Duggal wedding gown is the stylish way to have a spectacular “I do.” Each dress is named for an exotic city which was the inspiration for the fantasy designs and regal detailing. The pictures of a beautiful bride in a Mac Duggal bridal gown will shine in your wedding day album.

She’s a Lady

who 13 6480H-Purple-PCplus 4957H-Purple-PCThe annual spring rite of passage is long past the days of boys and girls in the high school gymnasium. The modern prom has been transformed into a brilliant ball, as teenage girls evolve into charming young women. A gown from one of the prom dress collections, including Mac Duggal Prom, Ball Gowns, Flash, Cassandra Stone, and Edge, is just what this young miss needs to make her transformation complete. From the limo to the dance floor to a goodnight kiss under the stars, these dresses and ballgowns are the perfect attire for a night to remember.

Pretty Woman

who 17 42968F-Purpleplus 64400R-Cherry-PC

Sexy curves are often the envy of women around the land, and for the voluptuous vixen, there’s no better way to flatter your figure than a stunning dress from the plus size line. The Mac Duggal Cassandra Stone II and Fabulouss Collections are the perfect way to complement the beautiful silhouette of the buxom diva. Plus size creations are also available in the Homecoming and Special Occasion collections.

Mac Duggal knows that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and all women are stunning when decked out in Mac Duggal designer garments.

So, what’s your Mac Duggal style?

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