Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Your Dress

From the moment you enter the store, you excitedly look through racks and racks of sequin dresses, red carpet gowns, and short cocktails. Happily you try on dress afterBehind the Scenes at the Mac Duggal Photo Shoot dress until you find the “one.” The dress that makes you feel like all eyes will be on you for your grand entrance. And as you stand there in front of the mirror, dress shimmering, you ask yourself, “should I wear my hair up or down?”

Choosing the right hairstyle can often bring out even more glamour and beauty. That is why the Mac Duggal styling team hosted a very special photo shoot with renowned hair stylist, Yadira Amador. Together we’ve picked the most popular styles of gowns to show you how to perfectly match the right hairstyle to your dress.

From high collar to sweetheart neckline, Mac Duggal has chosen these nine beautiful dresses to showcase the right hairstyle for your dress.

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No matter which dress is your must-have or which hairstyle is the latest trend, what is most important is to show off your own unique style. Putting it all together for that perfect look, gives you that undeniable confidence when all eyes are on you.

A special thank you to all our beautiful models who visited the Mac Duggal team: Francesca Reed, Miss Wisconsin US International 2014; Sylvia Leszanczuk, Miss Illinois Galaxy 2014;  Catherine Love, 2014 International Junior Miss Western Illinois;  Angel Reyes, Miss Teen Midwest Belleza Latina.

Click HERE for a behind the scenes look at the making of this photo shoot.

How to Take an Amazing Prom Photo

Whether you are heading to prom this month or are going to be snapping tons of pictures with both a camera or iPhone, it’s crucial to know how to take a good prom photo!

Because, let’s face it, if you’re spending all that time on finding the dress and doing hair and makeup, then it’s just important as capturing that perfect moment. You should absolutely look your best in pictures. Thinking ahead of time on just how you want this to be done will make it super easy! As you know, these pictures will be everywhere! Snapchat, Instagram, and tagging will happen before you can even say, “wait get my good side!” So, let’s go over the basics on getting that perfect prom photo.

1. Location, location, location

Choosing the background of prom photo is everything! It’s all about the location or locations that you want to have your prom photo. Plan for both a “dry” location and “wet” location, just in case it rains (as it often does in April and May). Although we hope for the best weather, you should find a few places around your home or neighborhood that hold a special significance to you. The park is an obvious place with all the beautiful budding flowers, but don’t be afraid mix it up too!

Tip: make sure the background is cleaned up. You don’t want any trash cans, embarrassing stuff, and even photo bombing friends in the background of your picture.

Brooke Porter Wearing Mac Duggal Style 48002L

Brooke Porter Wearing Mac Duggal Style 48002L

2. Lighting

You’ve go to make those sequins shine! Go somewhere that has great lighting, both natural and artificial. You can even test it our before you are in your dress. Snap some pictures around the house to see what would works best. Natural lighting will bring out the beautiful makeup you’ve had done and glimmer on chiffon material. Artificial lighting will make sequins really pop and help you stand out in a crowd!

Tip: get a variety of photos in different lighting. You can always go back and choose your favorites.

Karagan Justice wearing Mac Duggal Style 3744A.

Karagan Justice wearing Mac Duggal Style 3744A.

3. The “Pose”

Got a favorite angle or side? Love pulling the peace sign or sticking out your tongue like Miley. . . well, maybe don’t do that. But, feel free to be you! Part of the fun when taking pictures is showing exactly who you are in that moment. If you wanna be crazy, go crazy. If you want to be that demure princess, then strike that beauty pose. Practice your favorite poses and fun looks. You won’t regret it! And as always. . . “smize.”

Tip: Pull as many poses as you like. Who cares if you are trying something different, you’ll want those great memories.

Pro Tip: Tilt you head to the side, but just a pinch. It’ll make you look less stiff, more elongated, and flatter your figure.

Katelyn Zelinski Wears Mac Duggal Style 61041

Katelyn Zelinski Wears Mac Duggal Style 61041

4. Do a Double Check

Before the cameras start going off like crazy, do a double-check! Lipstick, food between teeth, cracked lips are all potential smile ruiners. Check your corsage and make sure it’s not crooked. Do an entire dress check to make sure nobody is standing on your skirt and that everything is in the right place! There is nothing worse than getting that perfect picture back and realizing that there is a stain on it.

Tip: Have a double-check buddy. Have your besties’ back by having her check you and you check her.

Victoria Van Zant and best friends are both wearing beautiful Mac Duggal Dresses.

Victoria Van Zant and best friends are both wearing beautiful Mac Duggal Dresses.

5. Balance Time Between Friends and Date

Okay, so you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures on prom night. There’s honestly no escaping it. Learn how to balance your time between your date and your friends. Make sure to take pictures alone with your date, but also take some awesome fun pictures with your friends. Get a group pose lined up and remember how much fun you had with your besties. Take a few cute selfies together and totally take some awesome pictures of your group out on the dance floor.

Tip: Have someone snap a picture with your family too! You’ll love looking back with them at these memories.

Hannah Hausman Wearing a Beautiful Mac Duggal Dress with Her Date

Hannah Hausman Wearing a Beautiful Mac Duggal Dress with Her Date

6. Take Your Time

A rushed photo session never returns the results your hoped to receive. Don’t expect to get great pictures if you start taking them just as the limo arrives. Plan ahead, know your schedule, and make time for some candid shots. It’s all about being smart with your time while still maintaining a level of fun.

Tip: Make sure everyone knows the schedule as well. If you have that friends who is always running late, make sure to expect all those bumps along the way.

Tiffany Eberhart looks totally amazing in Mac Duggal Style 81719M

Tiffany Eberhart looks totally amazing in Mac Duggal Style 81719M

7. Relax

No matter how important the day is, always make sure to relax and have fun. It’s a day to enjoy with friends and you should be having the time of your life. Your candid photos will probably be your favorite, but you’ll still want those posed photos to last through the year. Relax, have fun, and look spectacular!

Tip: No tip needed! Just have fun.

Shea Mills Glamorously Wearing Mac Duggal Style 61566D.

Shea Mills Glamorously Wearing Mac Duggal Style 61566D.


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Mac Duggal Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Approved

This is a guest post by Liz Everett. As a stylist, blogger, and fashion guru, she builds upon runway fashion for the everyday woman.

This Valentine’s Day make your style statement a fierce statement about who you are. I say be bold and create an effortless sense of glamour with Mac Duggal! Check out these amazing picks for special Valentine’s fashion! Let’s talk head to toe fabulous with red, pink, and totally glamorous.

Within boundaries, there really are no rules for what is appropriate for Valentine’s Day. So it is important to get out of the norm and push the fashion envelope. Whether you walk into the room with your sweetheart or you and your friends make it a Girl’s Night Out, every woman likes to walk into the room with flair. No matter what you pick from this season’s line you will knock em’ dead on Valentine’s Day!

This Top 5 for V-day is like no other! It is time for you to get glam with Mac Duggal!

Mac Duggal Style 6138R

Mac Duggal Style 6138R

I love that we are starting this Top 5 out with an amazing one-shoulder piece. Mac Duggal Style 6138R from the Black, White, Red Collection proves that lace is back! Ever since New Years lace has been hot, haute, hot from the red carpet to the everyday glam scene. It is time for you to get yourself on track with all the Hollywood stars in this red one shoulder.

Mac Duggal Style 64583N

Mac Duggal 64583N
Mac Duggal Style 64583N

Talk about glamour! Mac Duggal Style 64583N dress has all the makings of a total starlet. This is the dress you want to wear when you are stepping out and ready to impress. I love this color and sheen of the fabric. But let’s keep it real, the bling is super fabulous!

Mac Duggal Style 64738F

Mac Duggal 64738F
Mac Duggal Style 64738F

It is time to step out to your gala or Valentine’s glamour event with a total sense of diva! Mac Duggal Style 64738F features a high low skirt that is a total score with amazing waist detail. The flow and flair gives way for great memories and great pictures. Your social media will be blowing up when you post pictures in this amazing dress.

Mac Duggal Style 76524R

Mac Duggal 76524R
Mac Duggal Style 76524R

In my opinion, Mac Duggal Style 76524R is the most classic piece of them all. What I truly love about this cocktail dress is that it’s comfortable, effortless, and glamourous. Whether you wear your hair down or do a sleek ponytail, you can throw on large studs or a great rhinestone hoop and you are totally ready to rock Valentine’s like a runway!

Mac Duggal Style 76152F

Mac Duggal 76152F
Mac Duggal Style 76152F

Talk about a red carpet moment! I am so in love with Mac Duggal Style 76152F and the overall fit of the garment. The most important thing to remember about fashion for any event is that if you love what you have on, then you will walk with utter confidence. And that is a feeling no one can ever take away from you!

Get the Grammy Look

The Grammy Awards are just as much about fashion as they are about music. The fashion seen on the red carpet of the Grammys is notoriously more eccentric and wild compared to the trends at any other award show. From revealing way too much skin to Christina Aguilera’s dreadlocks phase, we have seen some of the wildest fashions at the Grammys.

However this year’s Grammy Awards were particularly tame with fashions that really made us smile. The best thing about the gowns worn at the Grammys? These fashionable trends could easily be replicated and worn by any girl. We saw lots of lace, modest cut-outs, and bright reds! All of these styles are perfect for drawing your own Grammy inspired prom dress that is perfectly Mac Duggal!

So instead of dreaming of a dress you saw at the Grammy’s, sit back, start blasting Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” and find Grammy worthy fashions in Mac Duggal designer gowns.



There’s no doubt that Beyoncé  totally rocked as she opened the show with her performance of “Drunken Love.” She and her husband, Jay-Z, looked incredible on stage, but we also have to mention her amazing red carpet look! Beyoncé proved to everyone how amazing white lace can look with a slightly more revealing look. Our Mac Duggal choice, although more conservative, is popular style 61041 in Blush/Ivory. Like Beyoncé , this Mac Duggal dress features a lace appliqué throughout the bodice and flows into a gorgeous sweep train.

Colbie Caillat


Like we said, it’s all about the red and it’s all about the lace! Colbie Caillat perfectly melds these hot trends together in this amazing red dress. Her style is totally sophisticated, and for our Mac Duggal Dress we wanted to pick something with similar red lace around the neck. Mac Duggal Style 85338 captures a gorgeous red lace appliqué around the bateau neckline. However, different that Caillat’s style, the red lace continues throughout this Mac Duggal designer gown and captures an amazing red carpet style.

Miranda Lambert


Red is here and is going to stick around for a while. Miranda’s look is amazing and we love how it slims down her waist. The plunging neckline makes this dress every bit as desirable as the hot red color. That’s why we picked Mac Duggal Style 82063 from the Black, White, Red Collection. The bright red color of this gown is right on track with recent red carpet trends. It features the same plunging neckline as Miranda Lambert’s gown, but also spotlights an amazing high collar for extra amounts of fierce fashion.

Nancy O’Dell


Amidst all the long gowns and hot red fashion, the host of Entertainment Tonight, Nancy O’Dell, wore a much sorter cocktail dress totally gleaming with sparkle! We love this multi-color dress with long sleeves and a plunging neckline. Although our Mac Duggal pick does not feature a low neckline, it does spotlight an open back with lots of glittering sequins! Mac Duggal Style 3759 from our Twelve collection is complete with fully multi-colored sequins in a floral design pattern. For a more comfortable and younger look, this dress features shorted sleeves but at a short cocktail dress length.

Did fabulous Grammy fashion make your night? Who was wearing your favorite gown?

How to Choose the Right Shade of Red

The red dress is having a moment right now. A classic red dress makes a statement. It says confidence and elegance all in one simple swish of the skirt. But for a lot of young girls, it’s often a daunting task to take on for your first prom dress.

Choosing the perfect red dress is a lot like choosing the right shade of red lipstick. All are gorgeous, all make an undeniable statement. But we all end up asking ourselves the same question, “Is this the right shade for me?”

Because, let’s be honest, nobody wants to be compared to a human cherry or a walking red ball when you enter your prom. That’s why, if you want a red dress, it is so important to know which reds are right for your skin tone.

The fear of looking too washed out or too gaudy is a real concern. But for most of us, we don’t even know where to begin. And, indeed, not all reds are created equal. Although it may take some time to decide the right prom dress style for your big night, there should be no doubt that you will find that perfect red color that matches your skin tone.

With a huge selection of red dresses, we’ve made it easy for you to quickly spot which red is the right choice for you.

Match Your Red Dress to Your Skin Tone


Porcelain skin tones, a lighter skin tone with cool undertones, looks the best with cool reds. Dresses with hints of a light pink or cheery red color, will really bring out the natural coolness of your skin tones. The dress below is a “lipstick red” color and features those cool colors. However, you can go ultra daring with a warm red color.



This lighter skin tone still has cool undertones but it is somewhat less noticeable. To really bring that out, continue with that cool red color to compliment the subtle hints of coolness. However, you can still be ultra bold with a darker red color. Bold red colors will compliment the soft red color in your cheeks. Avoid an orange-tinted red gown.



This skin tone features a yellow undertone with subtleties of a cooler colors. It looks the best with a warm red color to heighten the warmth of your skin tone. However, you can still wear a cool red color.



Without a doubt, olive skin tones look the best with warm reds. The green undertones in this skin tone is really brought out with the warmth of a red dress.



Although warm reds are totally wearable for a caramel tone, the best color dresses that will really pop are the dark reds and plum colors. This will perfectly compliment those golden undertones to add a more glowing look. If you have darker eyes, it will also totally bring those out for a perfect prom photo.



It’s time to go deep red with purplish hues if you have a natural almond skin tone. Going with a deep cool color of red will totally make you pop in front of the camera! A deep red color dress will also bring out your smile in a truly fabulous way.


Will you be wearing red for Prom 2014?