Mac Duggal dresses for “Walking Tall”

They say that the clothes make the man.

But Mac Duggal knows, the clothes enhance the woman.

For nearly 30 years, the designer, who recently won three prestigious industry awards for value and service for his stunning array of social occasion dresses, has designed timeless dresses and gowns to define every stage of a woman’s life, from stunning prom and pageant dresses, to evening gowns and chic cocktail dresses.

“It’s not about the dress, it’s about the woman,” Mac said of the ladies who wear his creations. “It’s not about the color or the cut, it’s how you perceive it. It has to be you.”

It’s the careful crafting and stunning selections that make Mac Duggal dresses perfect for enhancing any woman’s inner and outer beauty. Just ask Erika Rose, a staff writer for Four Points Magazine, a resource publication for the Miss America Pageant. Erika recently wrote about her experience trying on a fabulous Mac Duggal dress, which she’ll don for the Miss America Outstanding Teen Night of Stars Extravaganza, which takes place Aug. 16 in Orlando, part of the 2013 Miss America Outstanding Teen Pageant.

“On the hanger, the dress Bridal Elegance stylists pulled for me was stunning, and on, it felt even more ravishing,” Erika wrote in the magazine’s blog. “Although I’m not an expert on fashion apparel, it’s easy to recognize the quality and sophistication of a dress made with practiced hands and creative design.”

Indeed, clad in a gorgeous Mac Duggal gown, any woman can feel on top of the world.

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Find your perfect dress size

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Find Your Perfect Dress Size on

It seems like an easy question:

What size dress do you wear?

But those six little words can sometimes be nearly as confusing as asking what is the meaning of life. For so many women, the answer is multi-faceted. It depends on the label, it depends on the length, it depends on the style, it depends on the cut, it just depends!

Hanging in nearly every woman’s closet is a hodgepodge of tops, skirts, pants, sweaters and dresses with varying labels. A woman may be able to fit perfectly into a size 6 ball gown which flares at waist. But for a sheath or mermaid dress that is fitted through the hips, she may need to move up to a size 8 and have the bust taken in for a proper fit.

Likewise, a woman could have a number of fitted tops on the hangers in her closet, but the tags could read 6, 8, M, L, 34, 5, 7, S, 8P, 38 or One Size, and every last one of them will fit her just fine.

It can be a maddening process. It seems, sometimes, that the only thing standard about standard sizing is the actual word “standard” in the name.

So how do you sort it all out?

First, you have to accept the fact that the clothes which hang in your closet simply won’t all have matching tags. Until the day comes when the designers and manufacturers and retailers of the world can all come and sit together and agree on a unified world-wide system of labeling sizes for clothing, you’ll just have to live with having mix and match sizing. And even a feat like that would fail, since all women are not built the same, and therefore could not all fit into a unified specification of size.

However, when it comes to a numeric dress size, you can find the one that will absolutely fit you best by taking the time to take your measurements.

The most important measurements for dresses are accurate measurements of the bust, waist and hip. Measurements should be taken with a cloth measuring tape.

Bust – The bust size indicates the measurement around your upper torso and around your breasts. So you want to measure at the fullest point of your breasts. Don’t confuse bust size as it relates to dress measurements with the number on your bra size. The number on your bra indicates the circumference directly under your breasts. A bra measures the fullness of your breasts via a cup size. But for a dress, the size of your bust only one number, the measurement of the fullest part of your chest. That’s the measurement you need for a properly fitting gown.

Waist – The waist should be measured at the natural waistline. You natural waistline is the narrowest part of your middle, under your rib cage, but above your pelvis, just above the top of your hip bone. Put your hands just above your hips and bend forward. Feel where it is that you bend precisely? That is your natural waist.

Hip – Hips should be measures around at the widest part of your hips.

These three measurements will help define how the dress will skim your silhouette. Depending on the cut or style, a variance of plus or minus one inch may apply to the measurements.

Once you are armed with your measurements, you can find your size on the charts that are provided by dress companies. Mac Duggal size charts can be found online by clicking on any dress, then clicking on “view size chart” on the left hand side, under the dress description.


Click where the red arrow is to see the size chart!

Once you are armed with your numbers, find the corresponding figures in the chart for your proper size.


The yellow highlighted numbers correspond with the measurements below each size.

Your measurements don’t fit exactly into the chart? Not to worry. The size chart is a guide, but we all know that every woman is different. If you find your measurements are falling between categories listed, like those above, choose the larger size. For a dress that fits like a glove, most women will likely need some sort of alterations done after they make their purchase.

Two other important tips:

1 – Have someone else help you with your measurements. You might feel silly having your BFF wrap measuring tape around your bust line, but having someone else help you out could very well mean more accurate measurements. That person will be looking straight at you, as opposed to you looking down at yourself and twisting about.

2 – Don’t be consumed by the measurements. They’re just numbers. If you find that the corresponding dress size is a number bigger than you had hoped, do NOT order down a size and hope that you can whip yourself into shape in X amount of time to fit into it. It can be a very costly mistake if the gown simply won’t fit when the time comes. It’s going to be a whole lot easier to take a dress in than to let it out. Besides, you are beautiful in Mac Duggal at every size, so don’t fret if there’s an extra inch than what you wanted. Mac Duggal has a dress for you!

Mac Duggal provides measurement sizing for all dress collections, including full length evening gowns, cocktail dresses, plus-size dresses, and the Sugar children’s line of pageant dresses.

Different designers may have slight variations on the chart, but in general, they are similar enough to give you a more definitive idea of your actual dress size.

Once you have all your measurements, you’ll be able to answer the question of “what size dress do you wear” with confidence!

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White-hot dresses create summer heat

It may only be the first day of summer, but it’s already white-hot around here. Especially as the perfectly pale dress selections from Mac Duggal catch the eye of the summer party-goer.

who 10 Milano-PCSummer is a busy time of year for weddings, with an estimated one-third of all U.S. weddings taking place during the summertime months. But a new trend these days is to have more than one gown for your big day.

While many women still opt for a formal gown for the wedding ceremony, it’s becoming more and more common for the high-end bride to swap the long train and layers for a sleeker number for the reception. Not only can it make it a little easier to get down on the dance floor, it’s a great excuse to buy two gorgeous dresses!

“More and more brides are changing into a second dress mid-event,” said Kyra Poulos, a Certified Wedding Planner with Chicago Marriott Naperville. “Many wear the traditional dress through the ceremony, photographs, introductions, cake cutting, and the first dance. Once the guests hit the dance floor, they quickly change. Think of the most fabulous party dress you’ve ever seen. That would be the second dress.”

The options are endless if you want to swap your formal gown for a party frock.

short whites

Look sassy and ready to dance in a frilly cocktail dress, style 64589, or a fun high-low dress, style 6089.

regal whites

Or keep the regal bridal look with a slightly less formal gown, such as this one shoulder glam dress, style 64518, or this gorgeous trumpet gown with tulle overlay, style 50107.

sparkle collage

Shine on the dance floor with sparkling embellishments, such as this fully sequined one shoulder gown, style 3389, or this stunning empire gown with a stoned bustier and sunburst rhinestone detail, style 61207.

“It’s a great option for brides drawn to different dress styles, giving them an opportunity to showcase both of their wedding day looks,” Poulos noted.

There’s certainly no requirement to change into a less formal gown, but if you want to, the possibilities are sure to excite! Wear what you love, just make sure to remember to take all the pictures you want in your first gown before changing. No one wants to have to change over and over on her wedding day! And keep the guests in mind when it’s time to swap gowns.

“As a courtesy to your guests, you should not take too long to change,” Poulos said. “They are there to celebrate you and your new husband!”

But white isn’t only for the “I do” crowd. Wearing a white gown can help you stand out and shine at any social occasion. Not sure about pure white? You can choose another shade of pale.


Dazzle on the red carpet with a sparkling mermaid dress, such as style 85144, impress at a grand gala in a gorgeous ball gown, like style 61162, or hit the dance floor at homecoming in a short, sassy number, like style 64590.

whites nudes

Embrace shades like these fabulous nudes. Styles 3754 and 78439 will wow the crowd at a black tie event.

not just whites

Be camera-ready in shades of silver like style 78825, striking embellishments that pop like style 61412, or a champagne dream like style 80236.

funky whites

Or show off your spunky side with daring cutouts or sharp lines, like styles 70000 and 70002.

Mac Duggal designs are fit for any formal occasion, and whites aren’t stuck in the bridal section. This summer, love the clean, soft, brilliant whites of Mac Duggal.

Which whites strike your passion?

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