Elegance in black and white

Move over, little black dress. Make some room for the new girl in the closet.


The LBD, such as Mac Duggal style 64562, is the epitome of the perfect wardrobe essential. The dress can be glammed up for a party with silver stiletto pumps and dangling earrings, but add a jacket and black patent slingbacks, and you’re ready for a daytime event.

It’s been a rule of thumb for women since 1926, when Coco Chanel first introduced a comfortable and stylish dress in a color that was once reserved only for a woman in mourning. The frock – a black dress designed to be short, stylish, and classically cut – was simultaneously simple and elegant, and became popularly known simply as the Little Black Dress. The dress was declared by Vogue to be fashion’s version of the Ford Model T – modern, sleek, and available to everyone.  “A sort of uniform for all women of taste” is how the magazine described the now infamous dress, which soon became recognized under the shortened acronym, LBD.

Over the past century, the LBD has been hailed by fashion experts as a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. The dress has become the basis for other trendy ensembles, and is seen as the one item every woman can pull out of her closet for any occasion, to be dressed up or down with complementary accessories. In terms of having a perfect wardrobe, the LBD is the first line of defense against that chilling phrase, “I have nothing to wear!”

But while the dress remains a stylish mainstay, and having one is still key in any wardrobe, the LBD is no longer the lone hero in the world of the “what will I wear” crisis. These days, ladies are also leaning toward the lighter side of fashion staples.

“By tradition, we are trained to believe that every woman needs that ‘Little Black Dress’ and black pumps in her closet to fit any occasion that arises,” said Harvey Jenkins, M.D., Ph.D., owner of BodyTrends Spa, Salon, Studio & BoutiQue in Oklahoma City. “But what we find at BodyTrends BoutiQue, is that ‘White’ is the new ‘Black,’ as it seems to be one of most popular colors in gowns and dresses that we sell.”


The simple, elegant cut and high embellished neckline of style 61388 is ready for any event you can think of, from a grand opening gala to Sunday dinner.

Jenkins isn’t saying that black is out. Just that women are making room in their wardrobes for more than one anchor hue for their fashion accessories. And that means white and ivory are new must-have colors.

“What this tells us is that the modern woman has a white dress as an essential part of her fashion armamentarium… Maybe two!” Jenkins said.  “White is not just for walking down the aisle anymore, but for the reception, the after-party or any other time you need to stand out, be seductive, be subdued, or just to make a statement.”

Jenkins also noted that the addition of a Little White Dress to the list of must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe is even echoed by Hollywood.

“Even Olivia Pope, from the TV show Scandal, seems to have the allure and utility of the white dress figured out, as if it were some kind of ‘must-have’ strategic device,” Jenkins said, noting that the lead character in the ABC drama, played by actress Kerry Washington, wears white as a signature color.


Look enchanting in this plus size ivory and gold dress, style 64489. This gown can make the rounds from dance floor to dinner party.

Of course, none of this means that the Little Black Dress is obsolete. Quite the opposite, the classic number is as popular as ever, and with only minor accessories it can transform from classic to trendy and back again. Over the years, the LBD, while described as something classic that remains in style, has seen changes from time to time, with skirts flaring and necklines lowering with the times. But the overall classic look remains, thanks to its simple elegance.

Only now, there’s room in the elegance closet for other classic colors, including white and ivory.

“It goes with anything,” Jenkins said of the Little White Dress. “It is accessory-friendly. It complements any skin type. It won’t let you down.”

Explore the Little White Dress and other beautiful creations at the official Mac Duggal website.

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White-hot dresses create summer heat

It may only be the first day of summer, but it’s already white-hot around here. Especially as the perfectly pale dress selections from Mac Duggal catch the eye of the summer party-goer.

who 10 Milano-PCSummer is a busy time of year for weddings, with an estimated one-third of all U.S. weddings taking place during the summertime months. But a new trend these days is to have more than one gown for your big day.

While many women still opt for a formal gown for the wedding ceremony, it’s becoming more and more common for the high-end bride to swap the long train and layers for a sleeker number for the reception. Not only can it make it a little easier to get down on the dance floor, it’s a great excuse to buy two gorgeous dresses!

“More and more brides are changing into a second dress mid-event,” said Kyra Poulos, a Certified Wedding Planner with Chicago Marriott Naperville. “Many wear the traditional dress through the ceremony, photographs, introductions, cake cutting, and the first dance. Once the guests hit the dance floor, they quickly change. Think of the most fabulous party dress you’ve ever seen. That would be the second dress.”

The options are endless if you want to swap your formal gown for a party frock.

short whites

Look sassy and ready to dance in a frilly cocktail dress, style 64589, or a fun high-low dress, style 6089.

regal whites

Or keep the regal bridal look with a slightly less formal gown, such as this one shoulder glam dress, style 64518, or this gorgeous trumpet gown with tulle overlay, style 50107.

sparkle collage

Shine on the dance floor with sparkling embellishments, such as this fully sequined one shoulder gown, style 3389, or this stunning empire gown with a stoned bustier and sunburst rhinestone detail, style 61207.

“It’s a great option for brides drawn to different dress styles, giving them an opportunity to showcase both of their wedding day looks,” Poulos noted.

There’s certainly no requirement to change into a less formal gown, but if you want to, the possibilities are sure to excite! Wear what you love, just make sure to remember to take all the pictures you want in your first gown before changing. No one wants to have to change over and over on her wedding day! And keep the guests in mind when it’s time to swap gowns.

“As a courtesy to your guests, you should not take too long to change,” Poulos said. “They are there to celebrate you and your new husband!”

But white isn’t only for the “I do” crowd. Wearing a white gown can help you stand out and shine at any social occasion. Not sure about pure white? You can choose another shade of pale.


Dazzle on the red carpet with a sparkling mermaid dress, such as style 85144, impress at a grand gala in a gorgeous ball gown, like style 61162, or hit the dance floor at homecoming in a short, sassy number, like style 64590.

whites nudes

Embrace shades like these fabulous nudes. Styles 3754 and 78439 will wow the crowd at a black tie event.

not just whites

Be camera-ready in shades of silver like style 78825, striking embellishments that pop like style 61412, or a champagne dream like style 80236.

funky whites

Or show off your spunky side with daring cutouts or sharp lines, like styles 70000 and 70002.

Mac Duggal designs are fit for any formal occasion, and whites aren’t stuck in the bridal section. This summer, love the clean, soft, brilliant whites of Mac Duggal.

Which whites strike your passion?

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